5 Things To Ask Yourself When You Have Negative Thoughts

5 Things To Ask Yourself When You Have Negative Thoughts



Oftentimes in life, we allow our thoughts to run on autopilot, without really checking in to see if they serve us or hurt us. As you might already know, your thoughts determine your reality, but getting your mind in tune with how you’d like to see your world can seem like an insurmountable task. If you need a little help changing your perspective about life, ask yourself the following questions next time you notice your thoughts running away from you.


Here are 5 questions to ask yourself next time you have negative thoughts

1. Is it true?

First of all, you have to realize that we have thousands of thoughts each day, and most of the time, they simply run on repeat. What does this mean? The majority of the time, we aren’t really thinking, we’re remembering. So, in order to place positive thoughts in our heads to stop the negative thought loops from playing over and over again, we have to consciously make an effort to control and become aware of our thoughts. Next time you notice a thought pop into your head, you need to first of all ask yourself if it represents reality.



For example, a thought might come into your head that you don’t know how to talk to people. So, if this happens, think about the relationships in your life. Obviously, most of us talk to someone each day, so this thought can automatically get thrown out. It’s as simple as this – notice your thoughts, and decide if they are true or false. False thoughts have no place in your brain, so just discard them.

2. Are my thoughts giving me power, or taking it away?

Next, you should ask yourself if your thoughts serve any positive purpose in your life. Do they provide you with positivity and encouragement, or drag you down? Your thoughts serve as a gateway to living a fulfilling life, so if your thoughts don’t give you the boost you need to go after your goals and dreams, you need to take a look at them more closely. Negative thoughts serve a purpose, of course, but if they make up the majority of your thoughts, you need to get rid of them.

Empower yourself by paying closer attention to your thoughts – this can literally change your life.

3. How can I use this experience to better my life?

Each experience in our lives serves as a lesson, so every time you go through an experience, no matter good or bad, look at what it can teach you.


Even the hardest times can transform us into better people if we allow them to, so instead of focusing on the negatives of the situation, turn your mind toward the positives. We can let experiences change us or break us, so which will you choose?


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4. What is a habit I could give up that would lead to more positives in my life?

I’m sure if you look closely enough, you could pinpoint one bad habit that leads to self-destruction in your life. Do you use substances such as drugs or alcohol to get through the day? Do you turn toward food every time you feel upset? Or, maybe you use people as a way to drown your sorrows.

We all have our own vices, but giving up these habits could lead to incredible growth and transformation in our lives. Imagine if you gave up soda, for instance, how would you feel? You might lose some unwanted weight, feel more energized, have less cavities, etc. Examine your life to see where you could improve, and take steps to get there.


5. Am I avoiding something that needs addressing?

This sort of goes along with point 4. Maybe you have some deep dark secret in your life that you’ve been throwing under the rug for a while. Pull it out, dust it off, and see what you can do about it. Avoiding a problem won’t make it go away; in fact, it usually just magnifies the issue. We all tend to put things aside until they rear their ugly heads, and we HAVE to pay attention to them. For instance, do you use food as a way to cope with life’s problems? Beating around the bush with this might lead to unwanted weight gain, health problems, and even relationship problems.

So, to avoid having this bad habit reach a point of no return, handle it head on. When you notice it becoming a problem, try to look at how you can solve it rather than putting it on the back burner to deal with later.


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