For many people, losing belly fat seems like an impossible feat. Fat tends to accumulate around our stomach area, and losing the stubborn inches from our middle can take much more effort than you probably want to put in. While we could speculate and draw conclusions from many different studies all day about the best way to lose belly fat, the following five exercises can at least supplement other parts of your lifestyle.

If you want to get on your way to a healthier lifestyle in just a few minutes a day, try this quick workout from NYC-based certified fitness trainer Chris Sams, modeled by Instagram star Yovanna Ventura. For each exercise, do as complete as many reps as you can in thirty to sixty seconds, switching to the opposite side at the halfway point. Do all the exercises for the best results.

Here are 5 moves that melt belly fat:

1. Thread the Needle 


How to do it:  Get your body into plank position with your shoulders stacked over your wrists and your body in a straight line between the top of your head and your heels. Keep your hips aligned and extend your right knee to your right elbow. Next, extend the right leg across your body and sweep it under your left leg. Bring the right knee back to the right elbow, and this will count as one rep.

2. Forearm Plank Swimmers 


How to do it: Perform a forearm plank with your shoulders stacked over your elbows and palms pressed lightly against the ground. Put your right arm out straight in front of you, open it to the side, and get back into the starting position. Repeat on the opposite side, and alternate sides as much as you can.

3. Leg Crossovers to Melt Belly Fat

How to do it: Lie with your back facing the mat with your palms pressed against the ground under your hips for support and keep your legs extended. Make sure to keep your lower back pressed against the ground, and then lift both legs about a foot off the ground. Keep your legs as straight as you can, and cross the right ankle over the left one. Then reverse, crossing the left ankle over the right one.

4. Side Plank With Twist

How to do it: Get into a side plank position on the mat with your left forearm pressed to the floor, and your left fingertips facing the right side of your mat. Keep your shoulders, hips, and arms stacked, but you can keep your feet unstacked to make the exercise easier. Keep your hips square, and extend your right arm under the left side of your body.  Next, open your chest and reach your right arm straight up overhead. This counts as one rep.

5. Russian Twists Reduce Belly Fat

How to do it: Grab a 5- to 10-pound dumbbell in both hands and hold it near your chest. Sit on your backside with bent knees and crossed ankles. Lean backward slightly to both stabilize your body and keep your feet off the floor. Keep your shoulders down away from your ears, and twist the body toward the right side. Keep your hips firmly in place. Repeat on the opposite side and continue to alternate without dropping your feet.