You’d think that living in a first world country would mean easy access to healthy living for the citizens. Yet people you know might be living in a chronic state of dehydration and not even realize it. They may live in a well-hydrated environment (East Coast, anyone?) and yet they fail to recognize the actual sensations of thirst and lack of hydration. They work, play, exercise, and afterward feel odd little symptoms that they ignore. If they live in a dry area, they can still get into the habit of not listening to what their bodies are trying to tell them. This can be a mistake that can affect them for years to come.

The habits that keep you hydrated throughout the day are not hard to do. The main trick, if it can be called that, is establishing the habit of hydration. Using a memory device to help you remember to stay hydrated is one way. For instance: “Don’t go dry, rely(on water)”. Another way is to make hydrating a standard part of your routine every day so that you don’t forget. Once the habit is established, you’ll recognize your personal dehydration symptoms that you were missing before.

Ask Yourself These Questions:


  • Have you ever felt unfocused or sleepy at odd times?
  • Does your skin pass the pinch test? This is when you pinch your skin and it quickly falls back into place. If it doesn’t fall back, then you’re dehydrated.
  • Do you experience U.T.I.s or other chronic bladder infections?
  • Have you felt dry and overheated, maybe even dizzy, during or after exertion?

The solution is easy and takes little effort or time out of your day. In fact, listening to your body and taking good care of yourself can bring immediate relief and help you avoid long-term problems.

The 5 Daily Habits Of Staying Hydrated:


  • Drink 2 glasses of water as soon as you rise in the morning. This rehydrates you after a long night’s dry spell and helps you look and feel fresh and awake.
  • Drink fluids, particularly water, before, during, and after exercise. Using sports drinks with electrolytes at this time can make a difference as well.
  • Rely on juicier fruits and vegetables for liquid your body can use. Make grapes, watermelon, or oranges a regular snack.
  • Some people will drink water after every visit to the bathroom. This way they know they are maintaining a healthy level of hydration.
  • Avoid sugary and caffeinated drinks that may actually have a diuretic effect on your body. Your body craves water and knows how to use it! Caffeine may just make it harder for some people to avoid becoming dehydrated.


Water: The Best Solution

Avoiding dehydration is far more important than just easing a sense of thirst. That sensation is a clear message from your body to you that something needs to be done, so ignoring it is a bad idea. Providing poor substitutes for water, like lots of sugary drinks, may not satisfy the thirst and may set you up for diseases like cavities and diabetes. Water is the zero-calorie, no-sugar-added, immediate relief your body is really asking for.

A Tip When You Don’t Like Water

Here’s another trick: if the water tastes like ‘nothing’ to you when you first start drinking it regularly, that’s actually a sign that your taste buds have gotten used to more processed drinks. As you cut the sweets and stimulants, you will begin to taste the true nature of water. When the day comes that you drink plain water and it tastes sweet, refreshing, and satisfying, then you’ll know that you’ve made water a regular habit. Congratulations! You’ve become more aware of your body and more mindful of your health.

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Make The Change!

For many people around the world, dehydration is as avoidable as it is common. Recognizing dehydration symptoms and preventing it are key health issues that even children can learn to handle for themselves. These life habits are both pretty simple and pretty important! It’s necessary to take time each day to listen to your body, recognize your body’s thirsty craving for hydration, and add more fluids in your daily routine. You have the power to make great changes in your life.