The New Age concept called “The Law of Attraction” basically states that you attract the energy you put out into the world. Whatever thoughts you repeatedly give your energy to, experiences of that nature will show up in your life, simply because you have created them subconsciously. The quote “What you think about, comes about” best summarizes the law of attraction. In order to manifest anything in your life, you have to first bring it into your field of consciousness with your thoughts. In turn, they transform into visions, and then action.

So, if you focus on negative thoughts or people, you will have more negative experiences. Conversely, if you shift your attention to the positive aspects of your life and what feels good, you will see more of that appear in the future. The law of attraction concept has been popularized in recent years due to the book and film “The Secret,” and although it shed much-needed light on one of the most hidden universal truths, it also raised many questions about how people can actually get this to work for them.

Have you have been struggling with the Law of Attraction in your own life? Then you might want to review this short guide of common problems people face, and how to fix them:

1. You focus too much on what you DON’T want, rather than what you do want in your life.

Remember, the Law of Attraction will always work, whether you realize it or not. It obeys your every thought, so if you constantly place your energy on the bills you have to pay, the long hours you work, lack of time for relaxation, etc, it has no choice but to bring MORE of that into your life.

How to fix it: The second you notice your thoughts wandering to negative territory, reign them in and show them the light again. You have the power to control your mind. So exercise your rights and remember that you get to create your experiences based on your predominant thoughts. Start a gratitude journal if you have trouble keeping your mind focused on positive thoughts, or take some quiet time to meditate. Remain grateful for what you do have, and the universe will have no choice but to send you even more things to be thankful for.

law of attraction

2. You put up resistance to changes as you try to implement the Law of Attraction

“What you resist, persists.” Any time you put up walls between you and an experience or person, you will only encounter it more often until you face your fears and confront any challenges head on. Change can seem uncomfortable and scary at times, but you can’t evolve if you don’t allow yourself to transform from a caterpillar into a butterfly. We all have come to Earth to get in touch with our highest selves, and that involves breaking the mold and leaving behind old thought processes and habits in order to reach our full potential.

How to fix it: Instead of focusing so much on how vulnerable you feel from going through changes, just embrace it. Open up your heart and mind to new experiences, and focus on how you can learn and grow from exposing yourself to new people and places rather than the fact that you have put yourself in unfamiliar territory.

Remember this quote to help you out: “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” – T. S. Eliot 

3. You have your sights set on the outcome of a situation instead of the present moment.

Trying to control outcomes can easily impede the Law of Attraction from working properly in our lives. Ever since birth, we have been taught to micromanage ourselves and others, and not allow any room for the universe to help us along. We have been fooled into thinking that only the future matters, and the present moment has no value. Remember that the Law of Attraction takes time to manifest what you wish to see, and it doesn’t just transform your life overnight. Try to enjoy the lessons you have been shown from each moment you have been given instead of setting your sights entirely on the future.

None of us truly knows what the future holds, anyhow, so it seems fruitless to fret over something that hasn’t even happened yet that we have limited ability to predict.

How to fix it: Redirect your attention to The Now anytime you catch yourself worrying or contemplating the future too much. It’s fine to have goals and dreams for the future. But when you live solely for the future, you have sacrificed the only time we truly have, which is the present one. Consciously create your reality based on what feels right in your heart, and the universe will always show you the way.