Several studies prove that people with high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem are happier overall and better able to meet the demands of challenging tasks at work and in their personal lives. Unfortunately, self-confidence isn’t an innate part of everyone. This is particularly true for sensitive people. These are individuals that can internalize criticism and past hurts so deeply that their self-image becomes deeply tarnished.

“Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” – Samuel Johnson

Still, there is hope for anyone who struggles with self-confidence. Simple actions and mindfulness can make a big impact on your self-esteem. Even better, you can begin fostering a positive self-image with these three simple methods.

Use these three tips to boost your self-confidence

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1. Grow self-love with Mirror Work.

Many of us unknowingly engage in negative self-talk, cutting ourselves down with cruel words and criticisms that tear away at our confidence. Pioneered by best-selling author Louise Hay, Mirror Work helps counteract those unfair, negative words, replacing them with positive, uplifting language that can mend deep wounds and bolster your self-confidence.

Every time that you pass a mirror or see a reflection stop for a second. Look at your face and give yourself the gift of heartfelt confidence. Then, say a positive affirmation like “I am in control of my own happiness!” or “I bear witness to my success today!” Do this even just twice every day, and you’ll begin to quiet that negative self-talk, replacing it with the language of self-love.

2. Get Up and Move.

Finding an exercise activity that you enjoy and engaging in it regularly can help you dramatically increase your self-confidence. With each practice or session, you’ll notice improvements in your technique, endurance, and strength. Improving will help you begin to appreciate all that your body is capable of, fostering self-esteem that nothing can take away.

The key is to choose something that challenges you but is also inspiring. Hitting the gym and running are great options for fitness but don’t restrict yourself to these activities if they fill you with dread. Yoga, dance classes, tennis, cycling, skiing, golf, and other activities that get you off the sofa and moving are all possible options.

3. Seek Out Positive People.

There is a growing movement in education, known as “The Bucket Fillers.” Inspired by the children’s book by Carol McCloud, it encourages kids to be positive forces in the world and to commit acts of kindness instead of cruelty. The idea is that everyone is a bucket and that the actions of others can either take water out and steal their happiness or pour water in and fill the bucket, increasing happiness. In your own life, you can probably name a handful of people who are bucket fillers and many more who are always dipping their hands into your bucket and taking water away.

Seek out those people who are positive forces that build you up rather than diminishing your spirit while you may not be able to avoid the others entirely. The more time that you spend with positive people, the less impact those negative individuals will have on you.

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Final Thoughts About Growing Self-Confidence

You deserve to feel great about yourself every day. It does not matter what has clouded your vision and diminished your appreciation of yourself. Indeed, you can take positive steps to see yourself clearly again and appreciate the beautiful person that you truly are. So start incorporating these three techniques in your daily life. Each one will give you a strong foundation for building self-confidence. And that puts you on the path to changing your life for the better.