“It’s the little things in life that matter the most!”

There are a few things that women care about that men sometimes don’t understand or miss altogether. These may be things men do that they don’t realize mean the world, or things that men don’t do and don’t realize that they should have. So, even if you don’t think these things matter, it’s more likely than not that a woman is paying attention to what you do (or don’t do!).

Here Are 25 Things That Matter To Her, Even If You Think Otherwise

that matter

1. Paying her compliments

This could be a compliment on a new haircut, her nail color, or her clothing. “Compliments work best when they are forthright and not incidental… they must be genuine. The more specific they are, the better,” explains Psychology Today. Women keep track of all those little compliments and often think about them when they’re having a bad day.

2. When you tell her something reminds you of her

This could be a book or a song. Women will remember when something you’ve seen or heard reminds you of them.

3. When you bring home her favorite food

No matter what kind of food it is, women are always pleased that men remember their favorite meals and then go out of their way to bring some home.

4. Sending her wake up texts

A good morning text first thing in the morning means the world to her, because she knows that she’s the first thing on your mind when you wake up. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it’ll have her smiling all day.

5. Sharing household chores

Pop-culture and sitcom television often shows men not doing their share of the household chores. When that’s all she’s been surrounded by, it’s a nice change of pace to know that men actually do take responsibility and help out around the house. Psychotherapist and life coach, Neeta V Shetty adds, “Doing household chores is a way of showing that you care for your partner. It is also an activity, which can help you spend time with each other in this fast-paced life.”

6. When you take a genuine interest in her life

Marriage coach Lesli Doares explains, “Taking at least twenty minutes per day to deeply focus on your partner (and their day) makes them feel so important and like you really do still care.” It’s important to a woman that her partner be interested in who she is as a person. When a woman finds a man who is willing to listen to her talk and take an interest in her life, it means a lot.


7. Letting her control the radio on long car rides

It’s such a silly, simple thing, but women will always remember when men let them take control of the radio, especially if your music tastes differ.

8. When you don’t hide things from her

Women take note of all the things men hide about themselves, whether large or small. So, when a man opens up and let’s a woman into his life, she’s going to remember every little thing he shares and cherishes his honesty and trust.

9. Making compromises when you can

Relationship expert April Masini explains, “Lots of happy couples have differences in relationships — the trick is to learn which ones are more important to you than the relationship.” Women always remember when men make compromises and don’t stay headstrong in discussions or arguments. Even when you don’t want to compromise, women always appreciate it when you do so.

10. When you have keepsakes

Maybe you save all your ticket stubs from movies or keep all of her lost hair from bobby pins. Women always notice when a man keeps something that reminds him of her, and it makes her feel so good.

11. When you consult her before life-changing decisions

Whether this decision is quitting your job or starting a new career, women always notice and appreciate when men consult them first.

12. When you post pictures on social media

Even if you aren’t really into using Facebook or Instagram, it really means a lot to women when you post pictures of the two of you together. It shows her that she’s worth showing off.

13. When you make sure to please her in bed

Sex expert Coleen Singer says, “First and foremost, it means that you are giving her the kind of sexual pleasure she desires. It also indicates that she appreciates you taking the time and focus to do the things that you know drive her wild in bed.” Some men don’t know how to make a woman feel good in bed, so it’s important to her when you make sure that she feels good, too.

14. When you hold her hand

A lot of men don’t like public displays of affection, so it matters to a woman when you hold her hand in public, or just while you’re walking down the street.

15. When you engage in a conversation she’s interested in

Women always note when a man stays engaged in a topic that they don’t know much about. When you show interest in the things she likes, it matters to her a whole lot.

16. When you’re there for her during times she feels vulnerable

You may not know the right things to say to make it all better, but it matters to her that you’re there for her anyway.

17. When you brag about her to your friends

Women love to know that you’re proud of them. Bragging to all your friends that you’ve got the best girl around will be sure to make her pleased.

18. When you apologize to her with sincerity

A lot of men refuse to apologize even when they mess up. Women will always take note when you apologize and appreciate your humility.

19. Opening up to her about your feelings

When you open up about your day and your feelings, it can make a woman feel like you’re really connecting with her. She’ll appreciate that you trust her enough to be vulnerable.

20. Cooking breakfast for her

Even if you’re not very good at it, it means a lot that you’ll give it a shot and cook breakfast for her so she doesn’t have to.

21. Letting her borrow your clothes

You know that you’re not ever going to get that T-Shirt back. You know it, she knows it, and you let her borrow it anyway.

22. When you sing to her and make yourself look silly

Even if you have the worst singing voice imaginable, women love when men act silly with them and will appreciate even the worst-sung love song.

that matter

23. When you give her surprise hugs

If you can’t stand being connected with her, you can show this by giving her a much-needed surprise hug. She’ll notice and appreciate the affection.

24. When you treat her pets like your own

Even if she owns a snobby cat or a yappy dog, women appreciate that you treat her pets with the same love and care you would treat your own.

25. Telling her I love you as often as you can

This one goes without explanation.