25 People Who Hit The Reset Button On Life

25 People Who Hit The Reset Button On Life

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Sometimes in life, you just need to stop whatever you’re doing and hit the reset button. We get so lost in the motions at times that we don’t even see how destructive we’ve become toward ourselves. However, we can simply reclaim our power at any time and start over fresh again.

The people below have found the reset button in life and totally transformed themselves for the better. We hope their stories inspire you to make changes in your life if you feel you need to.

Here are 25 people who hit the reset button in life:

1. This man lost 150 pounds in a little less than 2 years. Amazing progress!

[deleted by user] from pics

2. The people in the gallery defeated anorexia and proved to everyone that you can always climb your way out of the darkness.

Before & After Pics Of People Who Defeated Anorexia

3. This man lost 80 pounds in one year!

Lost 80lbs in a year today. Progress Pics (3/9/17-3/9/18)

4. Look at that beautiful smile!

Girl has life changing jaw surgery

5. Giving up alcohol and adopting a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for your mind and body.

3 Years In To My Weight Loss/Sobriety Journey. Down 155 lbs Face Progress and Body Progress

6 This guy literally looks like a different person after his weight loss!

C’mon man, everyone else is doing it.

7. It’s a long road to get where you want to be, but it feels so good when you finally get there.

Before and After dump!

8. Many of us out there would like to put on some muscle, and this guy went out and did it. So awesome!

Weight gain (49kg to 55kg)

9. This woman followed the keto diet to lose 140 pounds!

Three years ago I changed my life. I don’t miss my glasses at all … or the 140lbs

10. There’s a six year difference between these photos and they look like entirely different people!


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11. 110 pound weight loss looks great on this guy! He definitely hit the reset button.

Lost 50kg (110lbs) in 18 months after a rugby injury, started rowing for my university, got my MSc in mathematics from uglyduckling

12. 55 pounds down in 9 months!

55lbs Weight Loss in 9 months

13. This woman wanted to run a marathon, so she started training and lost weight in the process. Way to go!


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14. That’s some serious dedication.


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15. When you hit the reset button, amazing things start to happen.

My Transformation

16. What an inspiring transformation!


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17. Three year transformation despite struggles with diabetes.

Fuck Diabetes

18. Weightlifting can definitely help you reset your life in the best way possible.

From 540lbs to 315lbs, 3 years of endlessly lifting things up & putting them down

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