For years, tea tree oil has been celebrated for its calming qualities, but this oil offers many more benefits. With antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, tea tree oil really is nature’s cure-all.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits

In addition to being incredibly soothing, tea tree oil has some serious healing and antibacterial qualities. Curious as to how this oil can benefit you? Read on.

1. Prevent Bladder Infection

Many people overlook this incredible benefit of this oil.

As this oil is antibacterial, it is an excellent treatment for anyone dealing with a bladder infection. The bacteria that triggers this infection become inhibited by the oil’s vapors, resulting in sweet relief for anyone dealing with the pains of such an infection.

To use this oil to treat a bladder infection, add a few drops of this oil to your bath water. As you soak, the tea tree oil benefits should reach your bladder. To make sure the oil is truly effective, use this oil in a wash as you bathe around the urethra.

2. Treat Your Styes

Styes are fairly common conditions that occur when one’s eyelid becomes inflamed. As bacteria cause this irritation, this oil is the perfect solution for treating this condition.

The oil will clean the stye, resulting in a reduction of bacterial build up.

Use this treatment for yourself by mixing a teaspoon of this oil with a few tablespoons of filtered water. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator and use it three times a day to reduce the swelling.

As you continue to use the treatment over the course of a few days, the stye should go down until it is completely gone.

3. Strengthen Your Nails

Other important properties of this oil are its anti-fungal abilities. Use this oil around your nails to eliminate brittleness and reduce breakage.

Nails are particularly prone to breakage due to the presence of fungus in the nails.

In addition to using this oil to treat breakage, a tea tree treatment can help reduce the yellowing of your nails.

Make this nail treatment yourself by mixing a vitamin E capsule with a couple of drops of this oil. After rubbing this solution onto your nails for a few minutes, let it sit for up to half an hour.

Finish this treatment by rinsing your hands in lukewarm water. Once done, apply lotion or moisturizing cream. Repeat this process twice monthly to keep your nails looking good.

4. Eliminate Pain After Dry Socket

Dry socket occurs after an individual has their tooth extracted. With dry socket, there will be a white bone in the place of a blood clot after tooth extraction.

With this oil’s antiseptic properties, you’ll be able to prevent any gum and tooth infection. Additionally, use this oil to help ease any pain you feel.

Apply the oil to your gum and teeth by using a cotton ball. After letting it sit for five minutes, rinse your mouth with lukewarm water. Continue this treatment up to three times a day.

5. Treat Your Foot Blisters

While foot blisters can be treated with over the counter medications, you can take advantage of all the tea tree oil benefits by using it to treat your foot blisters.

Tea tree will help to eliminate your risk of infection, thanks to its antiseptic properties. Similarly, using this oil will help to reduce the chance of you experiencing a recurring infection.

Mix your tea tree oil with vegetable oil or plain water to create your blister treatment.

Apply this solution on your feet with a cotton ball. Then, leave the mixture on for 10 minutes and finish by rinsing with cold water.

For a more relaxing way to take in this treatment, add this oil to a foot bath and let your feet soak.

6. Heal Ear Infections

As this oil is incredibly effective in killing bacteria, if you are fighting an ear infection, this treatment will help you get back to feeling and hearing normally.

With olive oil and a mix of this oil, you can create a treatment that you will apply to your ear by dropper. Be sure to tilt your head to prevent the oil from dripping out.

If you have coconut oil, create an alternative of this treatment by using it instead of olive oil. Some sources say that this coconut and tea tree mix is more effective when treating ear infections.

7. Cure Your Swollen Lymph Nodes

Feeling swollen and tender around your lymph nodes? This feeling is particularly uncomfortable, but few people are aware of any effective treatment for such a condition.

Known as lymphadenitis, swollen lymph nodes can be treated with an antibacterial treatment using this oil. While you aren’t going to consume this oil, you can use it to help treat your lymph nodes.

Try inhaling this oil to see if the vapors will help ease your discomfort. Next, apply the oil to your skin. Be sure this oil is diluted with coconut oil, as it is particularly strong, even when used on your skin.

If you have a warm compress, use a few drops of this oil on it and apply this to your affected areas.

8. Cure Your Bad Breath

When most people think about curing bad breath, they tend to reach for mouthwash or toothpaste. However, this isn’t the only way to get your breath smelling better.

With these tea tree oil benefits, you can use its antibacterial properties to kill your bad breath. Either add a couple of drops of this oil to your toothpaste or swish a mixture of this oil and water around in your mouth to use this treatment for your bad breath.

Whichever method you choose, remember never to consume this solution.

9. Reduce Your Body Odor

Just as bacteria can lead to bad breath, certain bacteria can trigger body odor. As body odor is caused by perspiration, in order to combat your odor, you need to find a way to treat the bacteria on your skin.

With this oil, you’ll be able to fight the bacteria that causes this bad odor.

Essentially, you’ll be using tea tree to create your own deodorant. With shea butter, coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch, and this oil, you’ll be able to have your own all-natural deodorant.

10. Treat Your Blepharitis

Blepharitis occurs when dust mites enter the eye and begin to mate. This results in inflammation in your eyelids.

As this oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, it is an excellent option to treat blepharitis.

Though tea tree can be used for treating this condition, finding a way to get it into your eyelids isn’t a simple endeavor. Start your treatment by gently scrubbing your eyelids with 50% strength tea tree oil.

Don’t add a liberal amount of this oil—using too much can lead to adverse side effects.

11. Cure Oral Thrush

Candidiasis or oral thrush occurs when there’s a fungal attack within the lining of your mouth.

This condition results in white lesions seen on one’s tongue, the inner cheeks, and the roof of your mouth.

Cure your oral thrush with this oil.

By adding a few drops to your toothbrush, you’ll be able to benefit from this oil’s anti-fungal properties. As this oil works to cure oral thrush, you’ll see that it is also a powerful treatment for gingivitis. 

Make the most of this treatment by creating a mouthwash with a couple of drops of this oil and use it to rinse out your mouth.

12. Treat Cellulitis and Skin Abscesses

Skin conditions like cellulitis and skin abscesses are caused by bacteria and fungi.

While this oil isn’t a cure-all for these conditions, it can be used to kickstart your skin’s healing rate when recovering from these conditions.

To treat your skin, moisten one or two cotton balls with water, then add a couple of drops of the oil. Dab the cotton ball onto every affected area, letting the oil stay on for several hours.

Rinse the treatment off with cold water. To keep benefiting from this treatment, use this oil with honey or aloe Vera gel and use it the same way.

13. Treat STDs

As this oil helps to fight bacterial infections, it is a powerful treatment for symptoms of STDs. Any pain associated with the likes of syphilis or chancroid can be treated with this oil.

Apply a diluted version of this oil to feel relief.

Follow this treatment on a daily basis for two weeks and you’ll begin to see improvements in your symptoms.

Use this oil in your bath water to help cure symptoms. Certain studies show that pure oil will even cure chlamydia, though more research is needed.

14. Cure Ringworms

Ringworms can be particularly alarming for anyone that hasn’t experienced this condition before.

Thankfully, this oil can be used to treat ringworm. Clean your affected areas. After your skin dries, apply the oil with a cotton ball, holding it directly to your affected areas.

Continue this process up to three times each day for a few days to continue to see results. Use cotton balls for large areas and a cotton swab for smaller areas.

15. Treat Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s Foot or Tinea Pedis is caused by the presence of fungus on the hands, toenails, and feet.

Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot include blisters, cracking, redness, and peeling.

tea tree oil to treat athlete's foot

Treat this condition by mixing your oil with baking soda and arrowroot powder. Apply this treatment onto clean feet twice a day. Store the leftover treatment in a container and use it later.

Final Thoughts on Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Tea tree oil has profound benefits for treating common health conditions. The more you continue to learn about this oil, the more ways you’ll see how this powerful treatment can be used in your everyday life.

Keep these 15 benefits in mind as you search for new and healthier ways to treat your skin and body. Doubling as a topical treatment, fungi fighter, and odor eater, tea tree oil can really do it all.