Hello there. It is Q&A time on Power of Positivity now. But these answered questions about psychology may just change your life…

15 Psychology Tricks That Will Change Your Life

1. How do I get more information out of someone?

You asked someone something but the other person is not very forthcoming with their answer, just keep eye contact and stay quiet. More often than not, you will get the other person to spill more beans and it will eliminate any awkwardness.


2. How can psychology make me feel confident in an instant?

The short answer is to take up as much space as you can with your arms and legs. A good example of this is the “power stance”, adopted by rockers such as James Hetfield of Metallica and Freddie Mercury of Queen. After just a couple of minutes, testosterone will flow through your body and you will feel confident within.

3. How do I know if someone is watching me?

Look at your watch, yawn, cough, or something like that. The chances are that if another person is watching you, they will normally do the same. As we all know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

4. How can I take the sting out of a situation?

Should you believe that someone you know will be on your case at a social event or a business meeting, make sure you sit next to them. That way, that person will think twice about giving you a hard time.

5. How can I tell how closely-knit the group and its members is?

When everyone laughs within the group, have a look to see who is looking at whom while the laughter erupts. Whoever a person looks at first is the person with whom they feel the most affinity. It can also work while you use this very technique with yourself.

6. How do I get people to like me more?

Ask them to do a favour for you. Really? Is that it? Yes, that is it. The method behind the madness is that if you ask them a favour, it is because there is trust from you and you value that person highly. Naturally, the other person will oblige in your request because you have made them feel good about being trustworthy and valuable.

7. Here is a brainteaser, how do I convince someone to agree with me?

Nodding while speaking. It is a subconscious action towards the listener to make agreement in his/her mind more probable. This can be done in a whole host of situations, from asking for a raise at work to convincing someone that your start-up is worthy of the heavy investment needed to get it off the ground.

8. How do I be more memorable?

“Make a good first impression” is not a cliché for nothing. Actually, it is first AND last impressions that count because we remember them much better than everything else that happened in the middle. A good trick is to be first or last in anything where you want to be remembered for anything.

9. How can psychology improve my life?

Being our specialty at Power of Positivity, it is turning a frown upside down. Indeed, smiling impacts positively on our lives and others’. Your confidence is higher, you feel better, and you can induce the same sentiment in others. Time to blast some Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry, Be Happy into your life. I smile every time I hear that song.

10. Ok Smartypants, you will never have an answer to this: How do I make myself seem more important?

First of all, thanks for the “Smartypants”, I feel more important now. Secondly, people with good posture are seen as being more successful or commanding. Keep your back straight and your chin up. Lastly, you can enjoy this tip at any big-wig event, business or otherwise.

11. How can I build trust and comfort with someone through psychology?

For this, you can mirror that person’s body language, copying his/her mannerisms and poses. WARNING: Do not over-do it! After all, too much salt changes the taste of the food.

12. How do I keep everyone together in one place?

If one person is or a few people are getting up to leave somewhere and you want to stay, remain seated. The majority, if not all, of your party will sit down again.

13. How do I come off as being friendly and confident?

This is done by maintaining eye contact. If you decide to do it for the sake of maintaining eye contact, you may feel awkward, so pay close attention to eye colour or in between their eyes. This makes things seem more natural with the bonus pleasure of making good connections with the other person.

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14. A biggie in business, how can I use psychology to negotiate in a more successful manner?

You have heard the phrase: “Silence is golden”, now use it to your advantage. The majority of people dislike silence and will want to break it in any way possible, even by giving ground. Silence is your friend!

15. How do I remember people’s names?

There was a general in the French Army called Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was so revered by his troops in the French Army because he remembered the names of all of them. Napoleon said one day, “When you meet someone, make a point to repeat their name when you greet them the next time.” Be the general of your parties or office. Be like Napoleon.

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