If you are currently working a job, raising a family, or over the age of 20, chances are that you have experienced some level of stress at one point in your life. Feeling anxious about things can be crippling and cause severe health problems when left untreated. Stress is a common thing that will hit us all at one point or another and can develop into anxiety if we do not take the time to deal with the situation Luckily, there are several anxiety relief techniques without spending thousands on a vacation to the beach or taking a whole day to relax at a spa.

Finding little ways to reduce your stress and anxiety throughout the day will make you happier and will leave you feeling more in control of your life.

Here are 12 helpful anxiety relief techniques that work

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1. Spend Quality Time With Your Pet

The saying “A dog is a man’s best friend” is something that people have been saying for years, and for good reason. Having a pet in your life can help you reduce your anxiety because when you spend time with your animal, your brain will release a chemical called oxytocin that leaves you feeling happy. If you are single and living alone, a pet will provide company and allow you to have someone to come home to each and every day.

2. Turn On Some Tunes

If you are feeling anxious, you might want to steer clear of heavy metal or loud rap music, because they can get your heart racing and add to the stress you are already experiencing. Instead, consider turning on some soothing jazz or other calm instrumental music to help calm your heart rate, blood pressure, and hormone levels. If you are not able to find music, simply step outside and listen to the sounds of nature and allow the sounds to soothe your soul.

3. Snuggle With Your Spouse

Physical touch can help release oxytocin as well as lower your blood pressure, heart rate and leave you feeling relaxed. Intimacy is a great way to feel relief from anxiety, but the cuddling that comes afterward is where you will find comfort, security, and peace. It is interesting to note that animals, such as chimpanzees, will cuddle when a fellow chimp is feeling stressed out, so it should come as no surprise that humans need this closeness as well.

4. Go To A Yoga Class

Yoga is a great way to relax your mind and body by helping you become aware of your breathing and your body. Some studies have been done and report that taking a yoga class can have the same effect on the body as taking an anti-anxiety or anti-depression medication does. If you are about to have to add a medication to your daily routine, try taking a yoga class first and see if it helps your hormones, anxiety, heart rate, and overall mood.

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5. Be In Control Of Your Life

Anxiety is often times an unavoidable circumstance many people have to learn how to navigate through life with. There are a few situations, however, where we can cause anxiety to occur by simply not saying “no” when we need to. We are often trying to be everything to everyone, and we forget to take time to care for our own well-being. Be in control of your life, cut back where you need to, and don’t be afraid to tell people when it becomes too much for you to handle.

6. Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Anxiety is not present when you are filled with laughter. When you are laughing, oxygen can better travel to your lungs and other organs which will, in turn, help relieve anxiety. If you live alone, you can still find ways to laugh by watching funny videos on YouTube, indulging in a great TV show, or spending time with your closest friends. The more you laugh, the less room there will be in your life for stress and anxiety.

7. Be With Those You Love

Surrounding yourself with loved ones will help provide you with a support system and a group of people who can help you through the tough times. Everyone can benefit from having friendships in their lives because nobody wants to be alone.

8. Chewing A Piece Of Gum

If you are in a bind and your stress and anxiety are taking over completely, stick a piece of gum in your mouth and allow the magic to happen. As you chew gum, your brain has a similar effect as when you are in your most relaxed state and you will relieve anxiety. When you chew gum, the blood flow to your brain is increased and you are able to feel more relaxed. Keep a pack of gum on you at all times and don’t be afraid to use this little secret weapon to help you through those hard times.

9. Cut Back On Caffeine

When you drink a lot of caffeine, your heart rate is increased. The less you consume on a daily basis, the better off your anxiety (and overall health) will be.

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10. Burn A Candle

Having a candle burning will help with anxiety relief by a method called aromatherapy. Use a calming scent and enjoy the beauty of the flame as your anxiety slowly disappears.

11. Keep A Journal

Some people find the greatest anxiety relief when they take the time to write down what it is that is stressing them out. In your journal, you can also list all of the positive things in your life and you will feel better in no time!


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12. Exercise

Another one of the strongly suggested anxiety relief techniques is getting to the gym and staying active. This will keep the endorphins high and your anxiety low.

Anxiety relief techniques done at home can sometimes be a challenging process, but with a few tips and suggestions, you can be feeling better in no time. The best thing to do is always try to get an adequate amount of sleep, surround yourself with happy people, and keep your mind occupied with positive thoughts.

If you do feel like these anxiety relief techniques are not cutting it and you still feel anxious, be sure to seek advice from a medical professional as soon as possible. They can help you get the proper medication and suggest more ideas for you to help conquer your anxiety.