For thousands of years, the logical, headstrong masculine energy has ruled the planet, but now people worldwide have started to get in touch with their emotional, feminine side. No single energy must rule the planet alone, and this convergence will restore balance to uncover the beautiful, nurturing, loving inner goddess.

During this particular time in your life, you might feel a dramatic shift in energy as we once again recognize and celebrate the Divine Feminine within us all. The analytical and passionate masculine energy does serve a strong purpose and will be preserved during these times even while people on Earth tap into their divine goddess energy.

Here are 11 signs you’ve tapped into your inner goddess:


1. You feel more sensitive and caring to yourself and others.

With the arrival of the inner goddess energy being revealed comes intense feelings of compassion for yourself and others. You will suddenly want to help everyone you meet, and may even put the feelings of others before your own sometimes. You have realized that only caring about yourself in life will lead to despair and isolation, so you’ve stripped away your Ego and found true love in yourself and everything around you. The goddess within also wants you to nurture and help others remember who they are.

2. Your inner goddess wishes to make more female friends.

Of course, males serve a very important and sacred purpose on Earth too, but as the Divine Feminine energy returns to the planet, you will have a deep desire to connect with more females. You know that you need to band together with women in order to stay strong during these turbulent times, and as a group, you can count on one another to get through it. Also, you can practice healing techniques with your female friends, such as Reiki, massage, meditation, and other types of energy work.

3. You know that you came here to be a healer of some sort.

As you have awakened to your inner goddess, you recognize your calling to help people somehow. You know that you manifested on Earth during these times in order to help balance the energies on the planet and bring about peace and love. No matter which path you choose, you know that your destiny as a healer will soon be revealed to you.

4. Your inner goddess wishes to express herself in a creative way.

As you tap into your inner goddess, you will start to notice huge spikes of creative energy. You feel more drawn to the arts, and seek solace in quiet expressions of the soul such as drawing or writing.

5. You have a strong desire to be a part of a loving community.

Since you have started your journey to awakening, you wish to seek out others who resonate with your beliefs and goals in life. You know that you can’t change this world alone, and wish to make friends with people who have discovered the divine goddess within, also. You just long for others who see the world as you do, and know that becoming part of a community could open more doors for you to help others heal.

6. You have no desire to compete with or judge anyone.

The divine goddess feels strong and able to carry herself without tearing others down or feeling jealous of others’ accomplishments. You can stand on your own two feet without having to knock someone else off their own pedestal and simply want everyone in the world to feel happy and fulfilled. You realize that we all play on the same team here, and know that competition only creates separation while collaboration unites a divided tribe.

7. You have realized the importance of self-love and self-care.

Perhaps the most significant sign of awakening to the inner goddess is learning how to love and take care of yourself truly. Before, you may have had toxic habits or thoughts about yourself that inhibited your growth as a spiritual being, but now, you realize that loving yourself is paramount in your journey here. Without self-love and care, you will always feel incomplete because you seek them elsewhere. You have realized your own power and know that you can accomplish anything if you just love yourself first.

8. Your inner goddess energy requires you to clear out old pain.

To advance on your journey, you must clear out heavy energies that no longer serve you. The divine goddess within you will urge you to sit with your pain and let it move through you, while recognizing what those feelings and experiences taught you. Then, as you thank them for the lessons they’ve shown you, you can move on and welcome love and light back into your life.

9. You start to manifest what you want at rapid speeds.

You have witnessed things you simply cannot explain, as the people and places you need in your life simply show up at exactly the right time. Your dreams are starting to come true right before your eyes, and all you did was start to believe in yourself and your connection with the universe.

10. You have a newfound sense of confidence and purpose.

You’ve honored your inner goddess and understood that she will carry you through from here on. You no longer need to feel ashamed of yourself or threatened by others. As a result, you can walk boldly into any situation and feel assured that you can make it through and come out as an even stronger person.

inner goddess

11. You no longer feel afraid of what life will throw at you.

Old energies and thoughts melt away as you continue to develop the divine goddess energy; life suddenly becomes a playground rather than a war zone to you. You have become excited about life instead of scared and unsure of the unknown.