Today, we have access to all sorts of gadgets and apps that are supposed to make our lives easier, but ironically, all of these modern technologies only complicate life even more! So, how can we live a simple life in a fast-paced, complex world?

Well, we’ve come up with a list to help you do just that.  Of course, you may not be able to (or want to) do all 101, but if you can pick at least 5 out of this list, you’re off to a great start.

Here are  101 Ways You Can Start to Live a Simple Life, Starting Now:

simple life

  1. Don’t spend money on things you don’t really need.
  2. Avoid debts, if at all possible.
  3. Have a garage sale to get rid of old junk you don’t use.
  4. Buy a bike instead of a car (you’ll save money on insurance, gas, repairs, a car note, and maintenance).
  5. Avoid costly medical bills by adopting a whole food, plant-based diet.
  6. Prep meals for the week ahead of time.
  7. Make your own beauty and hygiene products at home.
  8. Make your own cleaning products (you’ll avoid harmful chemicals and spend less).
  9. Only keep the clothes you actually wear and give away the rest.
  10. Live in a smaller home
  11. (If you’re really feeling up to it) Live off-the-grid (or get grid-adjacent) to reduce or get rid of electric, gas, and water bills.
  12. Start a garden, compost your food, and cut down on your weekly grocery bill.
  13. Every time you buy something new, get rid of something old.
  14. Have designated days to do laundry.
  15. Drop your cell phone plan, and use the Wi-Fi in your home or Internet cafes instead.
  16. Live closer to nature.

  17. Buy a fluoride filter for your entire house so you don’t have to buy jugs on non-fluoridated water.
  18. Live within your means.
  19. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.
  20. Smile like you mean it. 🙂
  21. Avoid drama.
  22. Unplug everything when you’re not using it.
  23. Have a set time each day to check social media (and stick to it).
  24. Cancel your cable bill if you rarely watch TV.
  25. Spend time outdoors as much as possible.
  26. Let go of the past, and live in the present.
  27. Create your future, but don’t worry about what’s to come.
  28. Meditate daily.
  29. Exercise often.

  30. Try to use natural remedies for ailments when possible.
  31. Give items you don’t use to the homeless or poor.
  32. Don’t leave lights on when you’re not home.
  33. Try to buy energy-efficient appliances.
  34. Buy high-quality items that won’t need replacing often.
  35. Automate your bill payments.
  36. Reduce credit cards.
  37. Don’t charge anything you can’t pay back quickly.
  38. Listen more than you talk.
  39. PLAY MORE!!!
  40. Work less. 🙂
  41. Laugh at least 30 times a day.
  42. Take relaxing baths in Epsom salt and lavender oil.
  43. Have friends who inspire you.
  44. Distance yourself from energy vampires.
  45. Write down your goals, and go after them.
  46. Don’t wait for things to happen; make them happen.
  47. Pack what you need for a flight in a carry-on bag only to avoid baggage fees.
  48. Consider buying a used car instead of new.
  49. Downsize when you can.
  50. Become a warrior, not a worrier.

  51. Turn your passion into your job.
  52. See if you can work from home if possible.
  53. Don’t overbook your life.
  54. Spend at least one day a week entirely in nature.
  55. Speak gently to people.
  56. Make your own dog or cat food for pets (cheaper and healthier).
  57. Buy locally grown produce.
  58. Only buy new things when old things break.
  59. Shred old papers you don’t need.
  60. Avoid letting your emails pile up.
  61. Organize your computer files.
  62. Limit your time on social media.
  63. Go with the flow.
  64. Tackle problems before they get out of hand.
  65. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
  66. Don’t chase perfection; embrace imperfections.
  67. Have a home gym to avoid paying for a gym membership.
  68. Or, make nature your gym. 🙂
  69. Make to-do lists.
  70. Simply SMILE.

  71. Forgive and forget.
  72. Make your own baby food if you have young children.
  73. Let your kids play in nature (it’s free) rather than buying them tons of toys.
  74. Move to another country where the cost of living is cheaper.
  75. Try to eliminate bills where you can.
  76. Buy bundled services (phone and internet).
  77. Check emails only a couple times a day.
  78. Pack minimally for trips.
  79. Eat at home more.
  80. Wash dishes right after you eat so they don’t pile up.
  81. Love everyone.
  82. Do all your errands in one go.
  83. Buy clothing that will last.
  84. Make a grocery list before you go shopping.
  85. Have only a couple of email addresses.
  86. Always tell the truth.
  87. Follow your heart.
  88. Appreciate the little things in life.
  89. Practice positive thinking!
  90. Give up alcohol and cigarettes (you’ll save money and your health).
  91. Wake up with the sun to get more done. 🙂
  92. Be productive.
  93. Go to college only if you want to, not because you think you have to.
  94. Become a self-taught learner, and seek information online.
  95. Do what you enjoy, avoid what you don’t.
  96. Ask for help when you need it.
  97. Delegate some chores to your kids or spouse.
  98. Don’t take on more work than you can do.
  99. Stay humble.
  100. Keep an open mind.
  101. Carpool to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on gas.
  102. (BONUS): Live your life in a way that makes you happiest!

How have you learned to live a more simple life? Add your tips to the discussion below!