Sometimes we underestimate the power of words in marriage. Words can bring feelings of joy or misery; pleasure or pain.

Even the simplest words have in them the power to heal or wound.

This list includes 101 simple things to never stop saying in your marriage.

    1. I love you: Start every day with the three magic words.

    2. I’m sorry: You screwed up. It’s okay! Just apologize.
    3. I believe in you: Every one of us needs encouragement, especially your love.
    4. You can do it: We all lack confidence at times. Remember that.
    5. Thank you: Be thankful for everything you spouse does for you.
    6. You’re right: Don’t be stubborn.
    7. I was wrong: Again, don’t stubborn.
    8. Please forgive me: Ask for forgiveness when it’s called for.
    9. I trust you: Trust is critical, but you already know that.
    10. You made the right decision: Reassurance, anyone? Again, we all lack confidence at times.
    11. I want you: Straight to the point. Head to the b-room.
    12. Tell me about it: Nothing says “he loves me” or “she loves me” more than lending an ear.
    13. I want to understand: This is great to say when your partner’s hurting.
    14. Let’s do it your way: Right? Isn’t their way better?
    15. We’re in this together: Because you are.

    16. Let’s start over: To new beginnings!
    17. I took care of it: How magical is it when your spouse does what you need them to do without asking?
    18. Let’s make love: Oh, yeah.
    19. You’re the only one for me: “Gosh, I hope so.” (LOL)
    20. I don’t know where I’d be without you: A wonderful saying of appreciation.
    21. Try it and see what happens: Throw caution to the wind, sweetheart!
    22. You look amazing: The wife loves this one.
    23. I’d like to help: Sometimes you aren’t given much to go on. Offer help anyways!
    24. I couldn’t have done it without you: Remember that you’re a team. In everything.
    25. I’m not going anywhere: Except when they really don’t want to talk to you. Then it’s okay.
    26. I missed you: Another way of saying that you love being in their presence.

    27. It’s your turn: Yes, husband and wife should take turns as well.
    28. You are so selfless: There is no greater compliment to give a person. Sincerely.
    29. I’m thinking about you: Again, the wife loves this one.
    30. Good morning: What better way to start your day than the love of your life saying, “Good morning”?
    31. Good afternoon: Or Good afternoon. Same principle applies.
    32. Good night: Or “Good night.”
    33. Have a great day: A wonderful way to send your man or woman on their way.
    34. How was your day?: Rewind, breathe, recap.
    35. I’m proud of you: No explanation needed. Heartening and lovely words to hear from your spouse.
    36. You make me happy: They probably already know that, but tell ‘em anyways.
    37. You make me want to be a better man: Anyone remember when Jack Nicholson dropped these words on Helen Hunt in the movie “As Good as It Gets”? Wasn’t it sweet?
    38. What do you think?: When you need some feedback.
    39. How does that sound?: When you need some assurance.
    40. You are so beautiful/handsome: No explanation necessary. Enjoy your goodwill.
    41. Do the best you can: As this is all that matters in everything worth doing.
    42. Let’s have a date night: “Okay!”
    43. Please: Be polite.
    44. You’re my best friend: Say it like you mean it.
    45. I’m always here for you: When you feel they need you.
    46. If you need me, I’m there: When you feel they need you.
    47. Do you want to talk about it?: Sometimes it’s necessary to ask for the invite.
    48. When you’re ready to talk, I’m here: Assuring your willingness to lend an ear.

    49. How can I help?: If your spouse needs you, this question should always be asked.
    50. We’ll make it better: Life is no picnic, but it’s much easier to navigate with a confident partner.
    51. How can I make it better?: Sometimes, you can’t. But it doesn’t hurt to ask.
    52. I’ll do what it takes: Say this, but make sure that you mean it before doing so.
    53. Let’s catch up on things: Don’t let the busyness of life come between you and your spouse.
    54. Let’s shake things up: Life can be a bit dull, but marriage doesn’t have to be.
    55. You are my soulmate: How deep are these four words?
    56. Can I give you my opinion?: Not “Here’s what I think…”
    57. I need to be alone: It’s okay; just make it known.
    58. I’ll be home soon: Being away from home can be hard.
    59. I’ll take care of it: Magic to a husband’s or wife’s ears.
    60. I think this will help: It does no good to have the potential solution to a problem and not speak up.
    61. I’m so lucky to have you: Yes, you are. Let them know it.
    62. Get some rest: For when your partner needs a bit of R&R.
    63. Let me give you a massage: ‘Nuff said.
    64. Don’t worry: Said with empathy, these can be the two most comforting words in the English language.
    65. Your family is so great: Your spouse probably knows that you love their family, but they still love hearing it.
    66. You friends are so great: And again here for their friends.
    67. I really appreciate you: Notice their sacrifices and voice your appreciation.
    68. You are awesome!: “Why, thank you!”
    69. You are my protector: A bit cheesy, perhaps, but powerful.
    70. You’re a great mother/father: The ultimate compliment.
    71. You will be a great mother/father: The ultimate compliment for the future mom or dad.
    72. You are so smart: Intelligence is sexy. Your spouse will love this one.
    73. I love being with you: Never gets old.

    74. You are so kind: It’s not just about how you treat your spouse, but how you treat everyone. Few kudos are better to hear than this one from your spouse.
    75. You’re the strongest man/woman I know: Guaranteed to brighten their day!
    76. Let me hold you: No sex, no problem. Cuddle time!
    77. Give me your cheeks: This one’s for you, honey!
    78. You’re so funny!: If you’re a husband hearing this from your wife, see #18.
    79. It’s an honor to be your husband/wife: They chose you. Remember that.
    80. I love how you think: Again, intelligence is sexy!
    81. I have a surprise for you!: “Oh, goody!”
    82. I can’t wait!: And the anticipation grows…
    83. You are such a hard worker: Who doesn’t take pride in providing for their family?
    84. We are such a great team: Say this and it’s a cause for celebration. Truly.
    85. Thank you for your help: Taking a few seconds to thank your spouse for their help shows your willingness to recognize and honor their selflessness and hard work.
    86. I had so much fun: Okay, so this one might sound “date-ish,” but give it a shot!
    87. I trust your judgement: Marriage is all about trust. Trust in judgement may be the most important.
    88. I know you will do what’s right: Encouraging words when your spouse faces a dilemma, known or unknown.
    89. You’re my rock: True story.
    90. I respect you so much: Continued respect is a must in any healthy marriage.
    91. You inspire me: You may surprise your spouse by uttering these words. It’s an awesome surprise.

    92. We have a great life together: You do!
    93. What can I do?: A heartfelt way of telling your spouse that you’re standing by.
    94. Come and sit with me: Take a few minutes to catch up. How’s life?
    95. Let’s do what you want: When you think ‘pizza and a movie night’ is getting old. (Or is it?)
    96. I’m so grateful for you: Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!
    97. I love your lips: Say this and go immediately to
    98. I love your natural smell: This is romantic stuff.
    99. Let’s eat!: “Bon appetit!”
    100. Don’t be afraid: Seriously romantic words when uttered at the right time.
    101. I love you: And, of course, end every day of your marriage with the three magic words!

Final thoughts

With positive thinking, remember that it will take every bit of yourself to accomplish all these things to make your marriage a success.

“People say I love you in different ways. I love you means baking a batch of unexpected cookies. I love you means having coffee ready in the morning. I love you means picking up clothes with a sigh but not a reprimand, I love you means you made me so angry but I’ll button my lip. I love you means you made me so angry and not buttoning lip but knowing it will be worked out in the morning.

I love you means tucking someone’s mistakes in without them knowing they even made them. I love you means omg did you just fart? and not running from the room. I love you is not verbal, it’s a thousand other things.” – Lisa Ross

However, your efforts will be worth it when you’re doing this for the great love of your life.