10 Ways To Make Life Exciting Again

10 Ways To Make Life Exciting Again


How do we go about getting excited about life again? It seems like it should be an easy question to answer, but the reality is it can be a challenge.

Before we can tackle getting excited again, we need to understand where our energy is being drained. Everything not in alignment with our highest truth drains our energy, makes us irritable, and wears us down. I bet if you thought about it, you could start a pretty significant list of stuff that annoys you and yet needs to get done. This is the stuff that sucks the excitement out of our lives. Getting excited about life is all about how you approach “the stuff.”


Here are ten ways to make life exciting again:

1. Claim your joy.

When life seems a little boring, realize it’s because of us, not because of a task, our job or the lack of a nightlife. We have the ability to create joy and excitement in everything we do, and it starts with our thoughts around the situation. It is not so much about trying to fix the situation or even ourselves as it is learning new things, finding the good, and focusing our energies on activities that have personal meaning.

2. Free your mind

We need to take the time to look after our emotional well-being by putting time aside every week for a yoga class or a little meditation. The relaxing breathing strategies involved in both will help eliminate stress and reduce anxiety. We will feel better, and will look at things differently.

3. Make little, positive changes.

When we make small changes to our daily routine, it brings back the excitement. Take a new exercise class, read a book, or even just doodle – these can get you out of a rut and ignite your creative self. You will soon realize that the act of starting and doing something new can give you some confidence to continue creating.

4. Reframe negative thinking.

Negative thinking is common, but it’s how we handle the thoughts that will either drain our excitement for life, or build on it. We can’t stay in the midst of negativity and hope to be our best selves. Understanding our negative thoughts and reframing them into thoughts that better serve us keeps us from getting stuck.

5. Practice optimism.

An optimist is more excited about everything, not just life! If you’re not presently an optimistic individual, don’t worry – optimism may be learned. And it’s not whether the glass is half full or half empty, it’s knowing you can fill it up.

Teach yourself to see other side, even with the small setbacks, little adversities, frustrations, disappointments, and letdowns in daily experiences. Look for the lessons and trust things will work out. When you do, it’s easy to get excited about the possibility.

6. Eliminate wasted time.

When we start to look at our day, we’ll probably notice quite a bit of time wasted on non-value added activities like Candy Crush, Facebook or mindless television. Wasted time is energy draining, and as mentioned earlier, it’s hard to get excited when your energy is drained. When you know down deep you need to do something, you will find the time and the energy. But beware, because time fillers have a way of creeping in.


7. Stop caring what other people think.

One of the major reasons we don’t follow through with our desires is the fact that we care a lot about what other people think about us. As a result, we get discouraged and don’t pursue things that might fill us with joy. We should focus on finding the courage to do things that make us happy regardless of what others think. We owe it to ourselves to be who we are, not what others want us to be.


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