Leo is born during the hottest summer months July 23rd through August 22nd, and being born with the heated passion that comes from this season is only one of these 10 things you’ll only understand if you’re a Leo.

10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Leo

Leo is a fire sign, ruled by the sun and is one of the most recognizable signs in astrology as represented by the lion. Leo shares many personality traits in common with the king of the jungle, but it’s not all that defines this fiery sign. Here are 10 things that only a Leo could understand.

1. You don’t need other people, but you like having them around

Leo is fiercely independent and perfectly capable of doing almost anything without help. But that doesn’t mean that you dislike the companionship of your loyal friends.

2. You don’t always have to be in control, but people usually let you

Leo’s natural charisma and tendency to dominate make them a natural leader. People can sense this and they usually get out of your way and let you take the role that you were born to take. As leader of the pride, you delegate well, work gracefully under pressure, assume the responsibility when no one else will, and complete tasks with efficiency.

3. People can’t help being attracted to you

Researchers asked students to read a true description of their astrological sign’s personality and a fake description and found that people who knew that their sign’s typical personality were able to correctly choose the right personality profile.

Only a Leo personality understands that charisma just comes naturally to you. Sure, people may be jealous of the confidence that you exude but Leo won’t let that stop them from being fabulous. Your self-confidence is often mistaken for sexuality, and as a Leo, you don’t mind them making that minor mistake.

4. You tend to be a little too blunt

Well as a shortcoming, we can hardly fault Leo for being a little too honest, but that’s the one complaint that people have about you. Leo, you are so forthcoming with the honest truth that you sometimes tell people what they don’t want to hear. It’s not your fault for how they respond to your honesty. Still, perhaps you offended a few people in the past.

5. Image is important to Leo

Leo loves the finer things in life, make that the finest things in life and will not be happy to settle for less. Your public image is one that you take pride in. You enjoy being respected in the community, so you rarely look less than your best when heading out in public.

6. Leo is not always the dominant one, it just seems that way to other people

Researchers looked at a personality inventory for several traits and compared them to known astrological signs of participants. They found that on a scale of feminine and masculine traits, sun signs showed a definite correlation with their typical traits. For example, Leo is well known for being a commanding leader, a trait that is typically associated with traditional masculine roles.

7. You give until it almost hurts

Leo can understand boundless generosity, and they give to their few loyal associates as much as they can. A Leo hates to see a true friend suffering and they will be one of the first to jump in and offer assistance. Leo understands that giving is also a gift to the giver, and you love the way that making your friends smile makes you feel.

8. You are surprisingly sensitive

Leo is not an overly emotional astrological sign, but they tend to be tender-hearted. Only a Leo will understand that you do feel emotional pain, but it usually is hidden deep down so that you portray an outer image of strength. Only your closest friends have ever seen you hurt, frustrated or saddened by something.

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9. You’ve never said that you were better than anyone else, but it’s kind of obvious

As a Leo, only you can understand that people tend to think of you as an egomaniac, but it’s not really true. You are intelligent, attractive, kind, hard-working, and motivated, but that doesn’t make you think that you’re superior to others, it’s just that sometimes you are the one with the skills, abilities, and energy to get things done right. Haters gonna hate, what can you say?

10. Your level of activity is exhausting to most people you know

It’s hard to find someone to keep pace with you when you are as hard-driven as you are, Leo. If your friends, family, and colleagues are smart, they will let you take the lead and catch up to you later. You are usually athletic, rarely exhausted at work, and have plenty of energy to keep going after work as well.