What makes happy people love life? What is their secret to living in joy? Is it that they see the glass is half full, or that the glass is actually refillable? Happy people attract more of the things that make them content. They know not to sweat the small stuff, and when to walk away from those things that are toxic.

We have been taught to believe in several myths about happiness: Money makes you happy; being in a relationship makes you fulfilled and happy; the older you get, the less happiness you will find. But, these are myths that have been debunked by truly inspiring and happy folks. Visionary and inspiring author, Dr. Wayne Dyer, knew the secret to happiness. He said, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” Happiness is a shift in perception.

Here are ten things that happy people do differently

happy people

1. Compassion versus animosity

Happy people love to help others. They know that by giving to the less fortunate, they feel they’ve made a difference in someone’s life. And, this brings joy. A person who has no compassion is merciless and cannot see the joy in giving. They are selfish. Empathy pulls and tugs in the heart of a happy person. They enjoy giving more than receiving.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” ~Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness

2. Accept versus resist

These beautiful souls accept life as it appears. They aren’t always in perfect harmony with their circumstances, but they learn to find lessons in all challenges and evolve from there. An unhappy person resists, and we know that whatever we resist will persist. Happy people go with the flow. They know that things happen for the higher knowledge of growth and the expansion of our soul.

3. Love versus apathy

Joyful people love everyone. Love exudes from their being. They are able to see the best in anyone. Because of this, they can find qualities in others that aren’t visibly there. The person who carries hate in their heart is always miserable. They are full of apathy, anger, and intolerance. They judge from a place of fear. But, love is what makes a happy person shine.

4. Forgiveness versus unforgiving


Happy people don’t hold onto grudges. They don’t regret things and carry them around. Indeed, they release resentment because they know that it damages the mind, body, and spirit. They let go of the past. They know that in order to continue finding joy, they have to release whatever has happened. People who are unforgiving tend to attract misery, negativity, and illnesses into their lives. Rubin Khoddam wrote in Psychology Today, “Forgiveness is not saying what happened was okay. Forgiveness is not saying you accept the person who wronged you. Instead, forgiveness is choosing to accept what happened as it happened rather than what could or should have happened. Forgiveness can mean that you let go. Forgiveness can mean you love from a distance. Forgiveness can mean you step into your present rather than anchoring in the past.” And, this is how a happy person forgives.

5. Admiration versus criticism

Happy people struggle like everyone to reach their goals, but they don’t hold on to self-judgment or criticism. They believe that you reach your dreams by staying positive. They know that family is the highest thing on their priorities. And, they treat everyone with dignity and respect. The unhappy person judges and criticizes another in order to feel better about themselves. They live in a state of insecurity.

6. Obstacles versus problems

Happy people aren’t exempt from struggles. They still have major financial issues, relationships that end, and other life challenges. However, these type of positive people cultivate happiness even in moments of deep life-changing struggles. Oftentimes, they see a challenge as an opportunity to do something different. If they lost their job, they might take the time to find something else that calls for their passion. If a relationship ended, they might see it as a chance to travel alone. They see the silver lining in the horizon and run towards it.

7. Abundance versus poverty

The positive person attracts an abundance of all types. It’s not just money. They attract a wealth of information, people, and health. They are able to witness how wealth is attracted by positive thinking. The negative person lives in a poverty and scarcity mindset. They live in fear of not having, lead by tremendous anxiety. Happy believes in the power of manifesting dreams.

8. Strengths versus weakness

Happy folks utilize their strengths to get ahead. They don’t focus on weakness and the lack of anything. They know that when you work hard, you see results. Whereas the negative, unhappy person tends to live in victimization mode. Joy is a high-frequency vibration in the body and it strengthens everything around you. The happy person utilizes this as much as possible.

9. Gratitude versus ingratitude

French novelist Marcel Proust said it beautifully, “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Happy people look at everything with rose-colored glasses, opening up perspectives and being fully conscious of their world. They live in gratitude. It’s not just about being grateful with others. They are grateful with just being in this world, navigating all sorts of rocky waters. They don’t take things for granted. The happy person makes sure they give thanks as much as possible. They are humbled and full of humility.

happy people

10. Positivity versus negativity

We all know that one person who is always saying positive things. Life may be difficult for her, but she still remains faithful to seeing the good in everything. Positivity is not just an attitude, it’s a way of life. Happy people also take responsibility for their decisions and actions without blaming others. They live in a state of high awareness that there are sudden fluctuations in the journey, but there is a deeper reason for things that happen.

Happiness arrives from within. No job, relationship status, destination, or circumstance can provide it for you. It is an inside job. The moment you shift your awareness and raise your vibration to joy, you will find a solution to your problems. Expect the miracles. Happy people live through serendipity and the magic of chances.

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