What is happiness, and how do you find it? How can you even tell if you’re leading a happy life?

These are two questions we all ask ourselves at some point.  Believe it or not, you may have already found it, even if you don’t realize it. Oftentimes, people mistake happiness as something to gain after an event happens in their lives, whether that be a promotion at work, a new job altogether, better health, etc.

However, you could just as easily find happiness right now if you view fulfillment as the path, not the destination. You may not feel overwhelmed with joy every day of the year, but these ten signs prove that you might just be living the good life, even if it’s not always apparent.

10 Signs You’re Living a Happy Life (Even if You Don’t Feel Like it)

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1. You Have a Job You Love

Jobs take up much of people’s time, so feeling happy with whatever you do to make an income is essential. While you may not have found your dream career yet, you probably can think of at least a few aspects of your job that you enjoy. Do you like your coworkers? Have a great boss? Get to help people in some way daily? Put things into perspective, and you might just find that your job isn’t so bad after all.

2. You See the Value in the Little Things in Life

Most people rush through life without slowing down occasionally to take in all the beauty around them. If you can look at a flower growing in a bed of weeds and smile, you have a pretty good outlook on life. In the same way, if you can sit in a sea of cars on your way to work and feel thankful for the chance to gain patience, this shows you can find the silver lining in any situation.

3. You Feel at Peace with the World

Many people want peace, but don’t realize the only place to find it is within truly. If you feel peaceful most days, you have likely discovered one of the most hidden truths in the universe. You cannot live a happy life without finding inner peace; that elusive feeling is one of the most telling signs of contentment.

4. You Focus on What You Can Change

Unhappy people always dwell on what they can’t change, but happy people take advantage of the changes they can make. Unhappy people give every reason why something is impossible, but happy people understand that they can transcend limits with positive, determined thoughts. If you realize what changes you can make and take active steps toward creating those changes, you have discovered one of the best ways to feel true happiness: by taking responsibility for establishing a positive change in your life.

Focus on change

5. You Don’t Care What Others Think

If you feel comfortable living beyond the confines of societal norms and couldn’t care less what others say about how you live, you are part of a rare group of people. Many people never allow themselves to flourish because they worry too much about how others will perceive them, and don’t pay enough attention to how they perceive themselves. The day you stop caring what others think is the day you start living. If you have surpassed the need to seek approval and live life according to your own ideals, you have unlocked one of the gates to happiness.

6. You Have Hobbies You Enjoy

You probably spend some time outside of work doing recreational or creative activities that please you. Even if you have only a few hours a week to dedicate to your hobbies, you can use this time to let all of life’s pressures melt away and relax. Maybe you have a garden, write poems, knit sweaters, run marathons, or tutor children after work. As long as you have found something you truly enjoy, that’s all that matters.

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7. You Fall Asleep Easily at Night

People report sleep troubles more than ever and attribute many of their struggles to an overactive mind. If you can easily slip into a dream state, you probably have learned how to shut your brain off and give your body much-needed rest. Also, an easy transition from wakefulness to sleep can point toward a fulfilled and purposeful life. If you feel content with your life, you probably won’t have as much reason to worry, which will help you fall asleep easier at night.

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8. You Don’t Have Regrets

If you live a life without regrets, you probably take chances often. People with regrets usually wish they had taken those chances while they could instead of opting for the safer, more traveled route. While many people have a few regrets in life, you are doing pretty well if you can look back and say you did everything you wanted without fearing the outcome.


9. You Aren’t Afraid of Failure

This goes along with the previous point because living without regrets often coincides with having no fear of failure. Leaving the comfort zone behind means that you focus more on the experience rather than the result of that experience. If you accept failed attempts as part of the learning experience here on Earth, you probably live a pretty happy life because you understand that growth can’t happen without failure.

10. You Have a “Yes” Mentality

Adopt this mindset, and you will have a whole new outlook on the meaning of “no.” No means that the universe is redirecting you to another opportunity, which means that a “yes” is inevitable if you just hold your intention. If you already have this mentality, you actually love the answer “No” because it challenges you to keep following your path despite the obstacles you face. Having this mentality means you say yes to life, even if life may not always say yes to you.