10 Signs Your Body is Healing (Even If You Think It Isn’t)


After a trauma, it’s difficult to know when the healing process in your body has begun. Not just physically, but also mentally. You might feel like you will never think positively anymore and that you’ll never get better. In fact, when recovering from either a physical injury, an operation, or a mental breakdown, it’s very common to think that you’ll be feeling like this forever.

But that’s not the case at all. As much as it doesn’t seem like it at the moment, your body is healing and processing – and you’re getting better, too. Some of these symptoms may be annoying, and you might think that they’re not pointing towards your healing, but they are. Maintain an element of positive thinking and learn to recognize the signs that your body is healing and getting ready to move on. Take a look at some symptoms that your body is healing the way it should, even if you think it isn’t.

Here Are 10 Signs Your Body Is Healing the Way It Should

1. An itch

Itching is normally one of the most common signs of your body healing, from surface wounds to autoimmune conditions. Itches are never pleasant, and we always try to slather any kind of relief ointment on them whenever we can. However, they are a sign that your blood flow is being directed to the places that need healing most. That’s why tattoos itch so much, too. A tattoo is basically one big open wound that’s healing. So, try not to scratch your itches. Persevere with them and remember that they’re a sign of good changes taking place in your body.

2. Weight loss

Another uncommon sign of getting better is losing weight – yes, losing, rather than gaining. In fact, with most injuries and mental illnesses, weight gain is a symptom or sign that something’s wrong. If you start losing weight or getting back into shape, that means that your energy is being used in the right way: towards being productive rather than being stagnant. Losing weight means that your weight is going to the right places to speed up the healing process.

3. A desire to be alone

The body heals best in solitude. If you want to be alone, that means you don’t feel dependent on other people anymore in order to feel better. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, that’s very good progress. Oftentimes, people who care about you will get the signals and leave you alone, but sometimes you need to voice your choice. When you’re on your own, you’ll get the chance to sleep, recuperate, rest and not worry about anyone wellbeing but yours. Embrace the moments of solitude as they help you make the next steps towards getting better.

4. An increase in your pain or other symptoms

Now normally, if you start hurting more, you think that your condition has got worse. That’s normal, as at this point, your brain is so used to connecting the pain to your condition that it can’t do anything else. Actually, the worst pain happens right before the healing process starts for good. This is because vital energy is being released to the parts of your body that need it most, whereas the old, hurt parts are being shed. Naturally, they fight it, but not for long.

5. Your emotions go into overdrive

emotional eating

This is very common with surgery patients. The body releases a lot of endorphins in order to manage the pain, so naturally this will affect your mood. You’ll feel down. You might feel like you’ve made a great mistake and your life has been ruined forever. This emotion is normal, and it gets better. Those thoughts are, once again, a natural part of the healing process that you’re going through. They signify that your body is healing.

6. An increase in appetite

Because your body is using up so much energy, you will feel hungry all the time when you’re recovering. Make sure to keep a balanced, healthy diet, and give your body plenty of energy boosters. Avocados, for example, are great for health, as are fresh greens and pretty much any fresh produce you can get your hands on. Avoid concentrated food and drinks like coffee or alcohol, as those will only confuse your emotions. Stick to organic food for the best results.

7. Relaxed muscles

When you’re ill, the one overwhelming (and constant) feeling you get is tension. Your muscles are constantly tense and you’re wound up like a string. After a long healing progress, this will be the symptom of healing you’ll welcome with the most relief. You’ll feel your muscles turn into jelly. Now’s a great time to talk a partner or a family member into giving you a long, much-needed massage. It also shows that your muscles are no longer impeding the right blood flow in your body.

8. Time slows down

Stress can make your body feel like time’s going too quickly and you never have time for anything. Because you’re so high-strung and ready to pounce at every moment, your perception of time gets warped. As you start healing, you’ll notice time slowly going back to its normal pace. You’ll feel like you have time for everything again. This is also a part of going back to your normal, healthy routine.

9. A cracking spine

Especially when it comes to healing from inflammation or autoimmune disease, this is a very useful sign that your body is healing. Because the nerves that have been attacking your body are now getting a bit more space to move, you can know they’ll be sending the right messages to the rest of your body.

10. You feel better

There’s really no other tell-tale sign of healing than the fact that you actually start to feel better. More fulfilled. It hits you unexpectedly one day and it’s great to realize all the progress that you’ve made in a very short time. Embrace it and keep thinking positively about it, and you’ll make it go even faster.

Final thoughts

Healing can’t be rushed. Every body heals at its own pace. Remember to take every day one step at a time and embrace the healing when it does arrive, doing everything you can to nurture and support it.

“The body will continue to heal itself, as long as you provide the environment for it to heal.” – Julie Renee





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