A 10 Second Lesson in Love *MUST SEE*

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“All of us have special ones who have loved us into being” – Fred Rogersfred-rogers-quote

Many of us know someone special who has given us the confidence to hold onto hope and go after our dreams. They’ve helped build your confidence, gave you support to use your voice, told you they loved you, or maybe just hugged you when you needed it most.

Recently, we saw a video of the one and only Mr. Fred Rogers giving an acceptance speech for a lifetime achievement award at the 1997 Emmy Awards and were nothing short of 100% inspired to share it with you.

This 10 second lesson in love  will stick with you forever.

Many people have helped you to where you are right now,  whether you’ve realized it or not.  The direction life takes is guided by individual offerings of love that has guided you into your current state of being.

So ask yourself, “Who has loved me into being?

We understand the emotions that may have just come up, and if you would like, please share your 10 second experience with us below.

Those who have cared about you and wanted what was best for you in life, no matter where they are right now, are happy to know of the difference you feel they’ve made in your life.  Allow your light to reflect the likeness of those who have loved you into a more positive, natural state of being – the way you were always meant to be.  Shine ON!



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