What’s not to love about an avocado? Whether you slice, whip, mash, or dice them makes no difference, they are a fabulous food. It seems like these little wonders just appeared out of nowhere, but they originated from South Central Mexico around 500 B.C. Their official name is Persea Americana, and they grow on a flowering tree.

While they have been around almost since the dawn of time, it’s really been the last couple of decades that they have become popular in America. Now, most people have created a spot in their heart and tummy for this delicious fruit. Before you can truly appreciate these healthy green wonders, you must learn all the tips and tricks for making their flavor potential shine. Here are ten reasons why the love of this fruit is undeniable.

10 More Reasons To Love Avocado

1. They’re A Fruit Not A Vegetable

Most people take one look at avocados and assume that they are a vegetable and rightfully so. They fit nicely into the category alongside broccoli, lettuce, asparagus, and other greens. However, they are a fruit. Think of them like peaches because they only have one seed.

The single-seed berry is green, which makes many people think they are something they are not. Technically, they are a stone drupe, which is a whole other category within fruit. Another way you can distinguish their category is the fact that they ripen over time. You can buy one at the store today, and it will be rock hard; however, in a couple of days, it will be soft and mushy. Vegetables don’t ripen, so it’s easy to see why it is classified as a fruit.

2. Their Nutrition Is Chart Topping

The average sized avocado has around 220 calories or 110 for each half. While that may seem a bit high compared to other fruits, their nutrient values far exceed the few extra calories. Don’t be fooled by the high-fat content in this beauty as they have the same fatty acids that can be found in olive oil. They provide a healthier fat that helps to support the heart, keep cholesterol levels in check, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

If you are low in potassium and reach for a banana, you may be passing over one of the most significant sources of the mineral you need. Avocados are full of potassium, but they also have a great deal of vitamin K and fiber that your body needs too. Babies starting on solid foods are often given a mashed variety as a pure form of nourishment, and it’s considered the perfect prenatal sustenance also.

3. You Can Use Them to Make Art

One of the avocado benefits that many people don’t know about is that they are being used for works of art. Who would have thought of such a thing? Browse the social media sphere, and look at the various works of art that are using this green fruit. By simply overlapping thin slices, people are creating masterpieces that look too good to eat. Playing with your food has never been so fun. In fact, it’s become so popular that they are using the hashtag “avocadoroses” to help people follow the latest creations.

4. They Make Amazing Dishes

Avocados are just about as versatile as the potato or the tomato. You haven’t lived until you’ve had avocado fries, a pasta sauce made from these green cuties, or one that is baked and stuffed with cheese and all sorts of goodies. You’ll no longer need to fret when they get a little to over-ripened. You can use your culinary genius methods to whip up a masterpiece that is worthy of a royal feast. Avocado toast is just the beginning of what you can do.

5. Dark Chocolate and Avocados Are A Heavenly Match

Remember, since this is a fruit, you can do all sorts of things with it. While your mind may be swirling with recipes, don’t forget that fruits are perfect for dessert. There is nothing better than avocados and chocolate. Forget the milk and butter as these greens can replace these unhealthy fats for a healthier variety. You can actually use them as substitutes in many recipes.

Vegans love using these for baking as the avocado benefits can quickly be snuck in for the kids. How does a dark chocolate avocado cake sound with plenty of gauche frosting on top? Another idea is to use them to make pudding pops in many flavor varieties. Don’t overlook the nutritious benefits of these fruits because they could be just the thing you need to spice up your decadent baking repertoire.

6. Guacamole Is King

There is nothing better on tacos, tortilla chips, or a sandwich than a heaping helping of chunky guacamole. It’s so simple to make, and the flavor profile can be as mellow or as bold as you like. It takes just a few minutes to whip up a batch of this green stuff, and you should keep a bowl on hand for late night snacking emergencies.

It’s true that some people can’t get past the color and texture, but once you take your first bite, it’s like pure nirvana. There are hundreds of recipes that showcase avocado benefits, and it’s simple to slip some healthy options into taco Tuesday. The kids won’t even notice.

7. They’re Simple to Use

Some fruits, like pineapple, get a bad rap because they are difficult to core and require special tools to get great cuts. However, avocados can become a masterpiece in a few seconds, and you won’t need anything special to prepare them. They are simple to work with because they don’t need to be pealed. You just simply split and use a spoon for popping the skin away from the fruit. Another bonus is the seed comes out in one piece.

8. It’s Easy to Tell If They Are Ripe

Have you ever tried to pick out a melon and thought it was ripe but learned you were sadly mistaken when you got it home? You won’t have to worry about that when it comes to avocados. It’s straightforward to tell if they are ready. Just give it a little push to test for ripeness. You want it to be firm yet have a little give. If it’s soft and pliable, then pass onto the next one.

The shell is another good way to tell how ripe the fruit. If it’s a light green color, then it’s not ready. However, if the shell is a black color, then it needs to be used right away, or it may become mush. You can also pull the stem and see what color lingers underneath. If it’s white, then it should be good, but try to avoid those that are black or dark in color.

9. Brown Bags Make Them Ripe Quicker

Have you ever had a peach, banana, or pear that was hard as a rock? Well, you probably know that you can put it in a brown paper bag, and it will ripen quicker. One of the avocado benefits you probably didn’t know about is that they too can ripen in that brown bag. The bag traps the ethylene gas that the fruit lets off, and it speeds up the process to perfection. To stop the process, simply put them in the refrigerator.

10. It’s Fun to Play Dress Up Like Your Favorite Fruit Too

It’s become cool to dress up as your favorite food. How many costumes did you see where kids were dressed up as bacon or an apple this year? What about those lovable carrots and peas? Why not turn the tables and dress up as an avocado for Halloween? You can paint your face green and be really clever with your costume design.

Since this is a widely respected fruit, you will undoubtedly turn a few heads. If you want a different costume that makes people look, and is just downright cute, then dress up as an avocado. Teachers could really have fun with this one, and it wouldn’t even need to be on a holiday either.

Add Avocados To The Shopping List

It’s effortless to see why these fruits have warmed their way into homes across America. They are delicious, healthy, and very versatile. Who wouldn’t want a buttery piece of toast with these green masterpieces arranged nicely on-top? What about a taco piled high with guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes, and hamburger? The choice options are endless.

While taste is one thing to consider, the health content is another. Dieters love these beauties because they are full of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Their calorie content is a bit higher than some would like, but the nutrients more than makeup for the extra calories. Add some avocados to the shopping list and see what healthy foods you can create for your family.