15 Photos That Show Why You Shouldn’t Envy The “Bodies of Instagram”

15 Photos That Show Why You Shouldn’t Envy The “Bodies of Instagram”

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If you scroll through your Instagram feed, you probably see a ton of polished, perfect looking photos of your friends and family showing off their best selves. After all, why wouldn’t people want others to see them in a positive light? Most of us don’t want to put up a picture of ourselves after we just wake up or while we’re eating out at a buffet.

The online world can be pretty cruel, and whether we admit it or not, many of us care what others think. Otherwise, why would we put filters on our photos or read through all the comments people leave us? So, we want to put our best selves forward, which might mean posing in ways that flatter our bodies or using Photoshop to enhance certain features.

If you find yourself feeling jealous or inferior after looking at Instagram photos, try to remember that Instagram and reality are two very different things.

Here are 15 photos that show why you shouldn’t envy perfect Instagram bodies:

1. A pose can make all the difference.

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2. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re beautiful no matter what!

3. Instagram bodies should be celebrated, curves and all!

4. As Katrine says, “Free the belly!”

5. Your body weight will fluctuate, but your beauty will always remain.

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6. It’s perfectly okay and normal to have stretchmarks, so show them off!

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7. PSA: It’s okay to have body fat. It does not make you ugly or inferior to anyone.

8. Remember, the perfect Instagram body doesn’t even exist. Don’t get stuck in comparing.

9. Instagram doesn’t always tell the whole story . . . but she looks great in both photos!

10. This woman looks brave, beautiful, and strong on Instagram and in reality!

11. Food, clothing, lighting, stress, and other factors can change how you look. Don’t stress!

12. The perfect Instagram body is looking at you in the mirror right now.

13. Sucked in vs relaxed tummy; nothing wrong with being relaxed!

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14. Both vegan booties look fabulous, don’t you agree?

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15. Gotta love her body positivity!

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