Say These 20 Romantic Statements Every Day to Keep Your Love Alive

Say These 20 Romantic Statements Every Day to Keep Your Love Alive

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They say that some folks go together like a sock and shoe. Well, since you’ve owned several pairs of shoes in your life, you know that they can become worn out quite easily. To keep them fresh, you must clean and maintain them.

Your relationship requires maintenance too. By using romantic statements, you can help keep the fires of passion and love burning bright. Plus, just because you’ve been married or together for several years doesn’t mean your feelings change.

However, they will evolve as you’ve been together for a while. When you don’t show your partner how much you love them each day, you allow room for doubt to creep in. Additionally, they may look for someone else to say everything they long to hear from you.


Twenty Romantic Statements To Say to Your Partner Each Day

If you don’t know where to start on your journey of being more engaged with your partner, saying romantic things to one another is the best place to start. Here are some of the things that your lover wants to hear from you every day.  You can start small. Try sharing two of three of these romantic statements, to start with.  Also, be sure to choose or modify phrases that you can say naturally and with genuine feelings.


1. “I Love You.”

It’s these three simple words that have such a powerful meaning. One of the basic needs in life is to love and be loved in return. Telling someone that you love them solidifies this need is being met.

2. “You’re Beautiful.”

When’s the last time you told your significant other that they were beautiful or handsome? While you may think such thoughts in your mind, they need to hear them from you. As a partner, you can help build your lover’s esteem by telling them how stunning they’re, so use romantic statements like these often.


3. “You Look Amazing.”

If your lover has a new outfit on or tried a new hairstyle, make sure you tell them how amazing they look. Be sure to notice the little things as it shows how much in-tune you are with one another. They long for people to see the changes they’ve made, but you’re the only one that really matters to them.

4. “You Smell Wonderful.”

It would help if you commented on how amazing they smell. Is it a new fragrance, a lotion, or some aftershave that turns your crank? Let them know that you’re intoxicated by their fragrance and that it’s a good scent for them.

5. “You Make Me Smile.”

One of the best things that a couple can do for one another is to make them smile. Life can be very challenging at times but knowing that you have solace in one another is priceless.

6. “I Miss You.”

Drop your special someone a quick text while you’re at work just to let them know how much you miss them. Make plans for dinner that evening, and let them know you won’t relax until you’re curled up with them enjoying the nighttime.

7. “No One Will Ever Take Your Place.”

Now and again, it’s nice to hear how special you are to the one you love. Telling your lover that no one will ever take their place gives them a firm indication of where they are in your heart. Sure, you might have told them 100 times you love them, but making a statement like this shows the depth of your love and dedication.

8. “Nothing Else Matters but Us Together.”

The world around you can erupt in chaos, but as long as you have your partner by your side, then you can make it. Let them know that if the world ended tomorrow, having you with them would make you feel safe.


9. “How Did I Ever Get So Lucky?”

Treat your special someone like a prize you’ve won, and watch how much better they treat you. You want your lover to feel special and that you’ve hit the jackpot when you want their heart.

10. “You’re the Love of My Life.”

There will be many loves that pass your way in life. According to Thought Catalog, the average person will fall in love between 2-7 times in their lifetime. Since love is an emotion that can be felt with anyone, it’s important to let someone know that they’re the love of your life.

Using this statement elevates them beyond the other loves you’ve experienced, and it puts them in top ranking.



11. “Come Home Soon!”

Romantic statements telling them to come home soon shows how eager you’re to see them. Text them this message on your lunch break just to let them know that you can’t wait to be together again. It also adds some anticipation that can help them through a hard day at work.

12. “I’m So Happy”

One of the main goals you have as one side of a couple is to make the other party happy. You must tell the other person how happy they make you. The last thing you want is a union where one or both of you are miserable.

Happiness doesn’t mean you can’t have a bad day, but it means that overall, being with this person completes you.

13. “All I Want To Do Is Lay Here in Your Arms.”

Do you feel safe when you’re lying in their arms? Why not tell them how much their embrace means to you? There’s something special about lying in the arms of the one you love, and you need to tell them how wonderful it feels to you.

14. “I Feel Completely Comfortable With You.”

You want to be with someone with whom you can share your deepest and darkest secrets. When you find your person, you feel that you can be completely comfortable with them in almost any situation. They’re the one that completes you in all ways, and you feel 100 percent free to be yourself.

15. “Can I Have This Dance?”

Romantic statements like “Can I have this dance?” will indeed send their hearts racing. Why not have an impromptu dance across the kitchen floor while waiting on dinner? It’s these small moments that create memories and give your heart warm and fuzzy feelings.


16. “I Trust You.”

Speaking of deep and dark secrets, when you feel like you can share these sentiments with someone you love, then you’re developing a deep level of trust. Sure, you trust people like your mom, dad, siblings, and other relatives, but this level of trust goes far beyond the normal levels.

17. “You’re My Everything.”

Some loves are so profound that they give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Perhaps your partner saved you from a life of depression and overwhelming anxiety by showing you a different way to live.

Tell them how much they mean to you by telling them they’re your everything. They need to more than the fact that you love them, as they need to know all the reasons why you do.

18. “I Can’t Live With You.”

Romantic statements like I can’t live without you show them the depth of your connection. Would you want to go one hour, day, week, or month without them by your side? Now, you have to go to work and handle other responsibilities, but knowing that they’re with you no matter what you must take care of is essential.


19. “I Need You.”

Psychology Today’s Theresa E. DiDonato Ph.D. wrote an article on all the reasons why you should tell your partner you need them. When you’re an indispensable part of each other’s lives, it’s a classic component of an attachment. Telling this person that you need them by your side through all the ups and downs of life shows them you’ve developed a healthy attachment to them.

20. “I Get Lost in Your Eyes.”

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and been mesmerized by what you see? Perhaps, you see future children, the home with the white picket fence, and growing old together. Whatever you see when you look into their eyes, it’s impossible to keep from being lost in their beauty.

Tell your partner what you see when you look at them and share your dreams and plans. They may share the things they see when they look in your eyes too.


Final Thoughts on Sharing Some of These Romantic Statements to Your Partner Every Day

There are so many things that you have to say to each other in a day. You’re worried about work, dinner, getting the kids to and from sports practices or dance recitals. However, the essential things you can say to your partner are romantic statements that solidify your bond.

Use the list above and pick out a couple of statements to say to them each day. Try not to overdo it and make it sound planned, but you need to bring up these things to them regularly. The more work and effort you put into your relationship, the better it will be. Your communication can make or break your connection, so choose your words wisely.


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