These 10 Illustrations Reveal The Truth About Raising Kids

These 10 Illustrations Reveal The Truth About Raising Kids

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Maria Gorbunova is a Russian artist and mother of two who paints caricatures and portraits. On her Instagram page, Maria shares major projects she’s working on as well as artwork about raising kids and her everyday life. She shows us the positive (and the sometimes annoying) part of family life and raising kids. We hope you enjoy her artwork as much as we do!

Here are 10 illustrations that reveal the truth about raising kids:

1. Sometimes, raising kids means going a few nights without sleep.

“When you look at my pictures, it might seem that my children constantly scream. Well, it’s true. And of course, the mother is on watch. Because she can sleep during the day, on the weekend, or in 10 years. Right, ladies?”

2. Mealtimes can get a little messy (as well as the kitchen.)

“Today, broccoli, macaroni, and juice are for lunch. The same dishes are also under the table.”

3. Finally, mom can get a little breather at bath time.

“The insane amount of energy my children have is reduced by their 40-minute swim before sleep.”

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4. Raising kids means cleaning up messes and figuring out who made them.

“A broken plate, a puddle, and a torn plastic bag are the crimes I have to investigate every day. I always have 3 suspects.”

5. Shopping becomes even more of a chore when raising kids.

“No matter which books I read, what methods I use, the result is always the same: tears and screaming. Even if we simply walk by the store, this can happen.”

6. How many moms out there can relate to this one?

“A question for mothers: How many minutes can you spend behind a closed door at the most? (My personal record is 3).”

7. This family art shows what happens when Dad gets to dress the kids.

“— Hello! This is ‘Project Runway’ with you and me, Sergey Gorbunova.

— Sergey, I asked you to put normal clothes on them.

— They are normal clothes!”

8. A kids illustration wouldn’t be complete without a naked baby wandering around the house.

“5 minutes of silence, aka, when you forget to close the door to the bathroom.”

9. Flying with children is easy when they sleep (and a nightmare if they don’t).

“Some people I know tell me how their babies slept well during their entire flight. Our kids almost didn’t sleep. It’s very hard to teach yourself not to notice other people’s irritation and your clothes covered in juice-cereal but I am now able to do that.”

10. Raising kids sometimes means not caring what they wear and letting them dress themselves.

“2 children later and I can now, with confidence, say that a kid doesn’t care what they are wearing as long as it’s dry.”

Which of these illustrations about raising kids can you relate to the most? Share with us in the comments!

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