Tribute: Inspirational Quotes from Shirley Temple Black

Tribute: Inspirational Quotes from Shirley Temple Black



Shirley Temple Black experienced an abundant life.  Her spirit manifested into positive energy, memories & inspirational quotes that will live in immortality.

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As an actor, she brought hope and smiles to millions through the great depression. Her unforgettable dimples and signature 56 curls could always bring a smile. Shirley was also a diplomat, and most importantly, a beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

To add positive energy to her memory, we’re sharing our favorite inspirational quotes from Shirley Temple Black


  • “Don’t forget to tell your favorite people that you love them.” – Shirley Temple


  • “When I was 14, I was the oldest I ever was.  I’ve been getting younger ever since.” – Shirley Temple


  • “You’ve got to smile to be H-A-double P-Y” – Shirley Temple [quote_right]“…it is a splendid thing that for just 15 cents, an American can go to a movie and look at the smiling face of a baby and forget his troubles.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt[/quote_right]


  • “Good luck needs no explanation.” – Shirley Temple


Shirley’s mother would always tell her “Sparkle, Shirley, sparkle!” before her scenes; and although we’ve all seen her last, may she always Shine ON!

Please enjoy these inspirational quotes from Shirley Temple and short Tribute video; it’s beautiful. 🙂 RIP Shirley Temple, you are loved!


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