These Illustrations Perfectly Capture A Husband’s Love

These Illustrations Perfectly Capture A Husband’s Love


Sometimes, overwhelming feelings of love and adoration can prove difficult to express to our significant other, and because of this, illustrator Andrew Hou decided to show his wife how he felt through pictures instead.

Born in Canada, Andrew now lives with his wife Kate (a.k.a HJ) in Seoul, South Korea. Andrew is Chinese and Kate is Korean. They’ve been married for five years and still going strong.

“Korean not being my native tongue didn’t help either,” he told The Huffington Post. “So making silly, sappy doodles was my workaround for the problem.”

To show his wife his sentiments, Andrew started a series of doodles titled “HJ-Story” in 2010, named after his wife’s Korean name. Although Andrew just started it as a personal blog, many people connected with his artwork along the way.

In the beginning of their relationship, Andrew and Kate communicated through the artwork as a way to stay connected.

“[Kate] was busy with school and I was busy with work, so we didn’t have a lot of time to meet up or even talk on the phone,” he said. “So during work, I’d pretend to be ‘working’ and create these tiny doodles and send it to her on her cellphone.” 

As he kept drawing more doodles, Andrew posted them online as a way to keep track of his work and share them with his wife. When the drawings started to attract more people, he worked on refining them as the images you see below.

Andrew says that through his art, he hopes that others will start to slow down and really savor the little things in life.

“We’re all so busy and caught up in everything that we forget about the little moments that are important — myself included,” he said. “Drawing HJ-Story for me is not only to capture the moments of a relationship, but to remind me of the little moments that are easily forgotten.” 

For more of Andrew’s work visit his Facebook, Instagram or buy his book.

We hope you enjoy his artwork below. If you do, please share with your friends and family!

These Illustrations This Husband Drew For His Wife Capture What Love Truly Means

1. The little things truly matter most


2. Sharing beautiful moments together


3. Wanting to make you happy even if it means sacrifice


4. Holding each other tight through the night


5. Being there for each other through it all


6. So excited to come home every day to you


7. Creating a lifetime of memories together


8. Embracing our differences and learning from one another


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