11 Illustrations That Reveal The Truth of Being In A Relationship With An Animal Lover

11 Illustrations That Reveal The Truth of Being In A Relationship With An Animal Lover

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British artist Sarah Graley draws comics about her own life centered around her true love Stef and their cat family. These love comics below prove that daily life doesn’t make true love boring; it only makes it stronger. Sarah shows us the positive (and not so positive) aspects of true love. If you have a significant other in your life, you will probably relate to most (if not all) of these love illustrations.

These 11 adorable illustrations show what true love really looks like:

1. When you have a family of pets, sometimes you need a reminder that you’re still his favorite.

true love

2. Who knew dogs could cause such excitement and confusion at the same time?

true love

3. True love sometimes means being amused by the little things.

true love

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4. In this love illustration, we see that sometimes, pizza will come first in a relationship.

5. If you have a lot of cats, then you will know the struggle.

6. True love means not getting jealous when your SO calls other cats handsome.

7. Love wouldn’t survive without a little bit of silliness and laughter.

8. These love comics wouldn’t be complete without a dance party for the cat.

true love

9. Speaking in cat is just another part of what true love means.

10. Of course, love sometimes means getting annoyed at each other. It’s perfectly normal.

true love

11. True love also means sleeping in cuddled up with your main squeeze and your animals, right?

We hope you enjoyed these comics about what unconditional love really looks like. However, remember that when times seem tough or you just feel annoyed with your partner, some good old-fashioned positive thinking can do wonders for your relationship. We know that life can throw plenty of curveballs, but remembering what you love about your partner can help you overcome the obstacles much easier.

Which of these comics was your favorite? Share with us in the comments!

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