Have you ever considered how to become an everyday hero?

We are filled with gratitude for those who fight crime, save kidnapped children, and protect our humanity. But let us not forget, we can all be heroes in some way, every single day.


Believe it or not, a cape and superhuman powers aren’t prerequisites for saving the world. You could be someone’s mentor without knowing it. Or, you may have just hired someone that was on plan Z before moving into their car. You may have given a piece of advice that turned someone’s whole life around.

It may even be as simple as the fact that you just delivered a hug to someone at a moment that couldn’t have come soon enough. You can do your part.  You can help save the world in some way, even if you only save yourself.

Your super senses are pinging. Your signal is in the sky. The world needs your unique gifts. Go!

ACTIONABLE AFFIRMATION (repeat this in a mirror daily):

I share my unique gifts with the world to help it heal, grow, and love.  I am an everyday hero!


So, why is it important to cast yourself in the role of everyday hero? Take pause a moment and think about it.  If you want positive change, you must be the change.

You should strive to become all that you wish to see in the world.

In time, your efforts will be quietly noted. Your children, co-workers, partner, friends, and family will absorb your positivity. And then, you will succeed in implementing that change.

Besides that, you will grow spiritually as a result of this commitment.

everyday hero


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