These Illustrations Show The Transformation Husbands Go Through After Having Kids

These Illustrations Show The Transformation Husbands Go Through After Having Kids


Obviously, a lot changes when you settle down and have a family. Long gone are the days of going out on dates at your leisure, sleeping in on the weekends, and going on spur-of-the-moment vacations. Now, everything revolves around the kids and their needs, and of course, this transition is harder for some people than others. Parenting can bring a lot of joy into a couple’s life, but it’s also a big responsibility to take care of little ones. These family comics called The Adventures of Messy Cow created by Weng Chen perfectly capture the transformation husbands go through after having kids.

We hope all the parents out there get a kick out of these lovely parenting comics!

These honest comics show how husbands change after having kids of their own:

1. This parents cartoon perfectly captures how shopping changes after having kids.


Husbands everywhere know the struggle when it comes to shopping with little ones!

2. Once the kids are born, husbands everywhere would love nothing more than a child-free Father’s Day as a gift.


Of course, Dad loves his kids, but a little R&R alone is always welcome.

3. Wow, he’s got those names down pat!


Dads, how many of you out there have memorized every single My Little Pony? We know you’re out there!

things kids worry about

4. Poop just becomes part of normal life when you’re a Dad.


It’s normal for new parents to be a little scared of poop, but after a few dozen diaper changes, it becomes part of the daily routine.

5. Family comics wouldn’t be complete without showing off Dad’s fabulous new wardrobe! (yes, that was sarcasm)


And his beautifully painted toenails…

6. Husbands get a little more lenient about food in the car once the kids arrive.


There WILL be crumbs in the car when kids come into the picture, so Dad has just accepted the inevitable.

7. Parenting comics also wouldn’t be complete without showing how privacy becomes a thing of the past.


Moms and Dads out there can all relate to this one.

8. Dad’s relaxation time on the weekend quickly turns to play time with the kids.


It’s easier to let the kids run around outside than climb all over you, after all.

9. What is sleeping in when you have kids?


All the Dads know that sleeping in isn’t an option anymore because the little ones just can’t wait to play!

How many parents out there can relate to these family comics? Share with us in the comments!

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