10 Ways A Good Man Handles His Relationships Differently

10 Ways A Good Man Handles His Relationships Differently

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When it comes to relationships, a good man handles things differently than other men. He behaves a certain way, and he treats his partner with respect and kindness. Good men are capable of having a healthy relationship that is mutually beneficially without sacrificing who he is.

Being a good man doesn’t require money, a perfect appearance, or being extremely smart. Instead, it requires various positive characteristics that are realistic for any man to achieve. When you recognize these traits in a man, you can trust that he is likely a good man.

Good men are the ones that experience life but don’t let their experiences define or limit them. They learn and grow continually and don’t dwell on mistakes or insecurities. He will appreciate life and enjoy his time with the people he cares about.

Ten Ways A Good Man Handles His Relationships Differently

Their unique qualities set them apart from the rest of the men in the world, and the difference is clear. If you notice the following things about a man, he might be a good one to keep around.

1. He Loves and Respects His Partner for Who They Are

Good men love their partners for who they are on the inside. A person’s sensibilities, personality, and ethics are more important to them than anything else. Plus, a good man will accept what a woman believes in and her goals for life.

A good man will treat his partner with respect always, even during arguments and disagreements. He expects the same from his partner, too, though.

2. A Good Man Takes Initiative

Whether the decision is big or small, he will step in and handle it without being asked. He is decisive and doesn’t leave all the decisions up to his partner. While he makes decisions, he factors in the views and needs of his partner, too.

He doesn’t step in to make the decisions to be controlling. Instead, he does it as a way to make the situation better without putting it all on his significant other. He isn’t afraid to speak up and hold his own when he needs or wants something to get done, either.

3. He is Always Supportive

No matter what their partner’s goals are, he is supportive and encouraging. He won’t talk down to his partner or make them feel like they can’t do what they set their mind to. As they go through your journey, he will be there to cheer them on and comfort them along the way.

A good man will support their partner during setbacks, milestones, and new dreams that come up. He will not only cheer for and comfort his significant other, but he will celebrate with them, too. His support will be unwavering as he is there for you through it all.

While some men might be jealous of their partner’s achievements, good men don’t get that way. They will be proud of their partner’s successes and do everything they can to help them continue growing.

4. He Commits

A good man doesn’t play with the heart and mind of others, and he doesn’t do things to betray them. When he is in a relationship, he fully commits all of the time. He doesn’t cheat physically or emotionally and is always loyal.

Plus, this type of man understands that relationships take hard work and dedication from both partners. He will work to maintain a strong and healthy relationship as he nourishes the bond continually. Trust won’t be an issue because he shows that he is dedicated and committed.

5. He is Never Abusive

Abuse isn’t always physical, and emotional abuse is commonly an issue in relationships. With a good man, abuse of any kind won’t be a concern because it will never cross his mind. Abuse is never okay, and a real man would never put their partner in this position.

Looking for signs of abuse requires that all of the man’s relationships are examined. The way he treats his family members and friends shows what he is capable of, and a good person won’t abuse them, either.

6. He Inspires His Partner

A man that inspires those around him is a good one to spend time with. He takes control of his life and encourages others to do the same. His drive and ambition will be contagious to those around him, and it will rub off on his partner.

This behavior is mutually beneficial because as his partner pursues their passions, he can continue doing the same in his life. When both partners are working toward their goals, neither feels forgotten, left behind, or held back.

7. He Knows That He Needs to Act and Not Just Speak

When a man does what he says he will do, it shows that he is a positive person to be around. He will not break promises, and he stands by his word even when it is hard. His words will never be empty because he doesn’t say things that he doesn’t mean.

He will always prove that his words are the truth, so his partner never feels the need to question their relationship together. Plus, he will stand up for his relationship whenever it is necessary. When people say or ask inappropriate things, he will speak up and put an end to that kind of discussion.

He will make the integrity of his relationships known and never holds back in that regard. Even when he is around his friends, he isn’t afraid to speak up on behalf of the relationship. It shows that he can express himself and protect his partner and their relationship.

8. A Good Man Has a Sense of Humor

Good men tend to have a good sense of humor and can laugh at themselves. He will make his partner smile and laugh, creating happiness even amidst issues. His sense of humor makes him a beneficial person to be around when things aren’t going perfectly, and it helps bring comfort to the relationship.

People with a sense of humor make obstacles and setbacks easier to handle. They bring joy to any situation, and it creates resiliency in their relationships.

Having a sense of humor is one of the best things to look for in a partner for the reasons mentioned above. It is a sign of positivity and emotional strength that indicates a good person to spend your time with.

9. He Brings a Sense of Safety

An ideal partner will make those closest to him feel safe when he is present. He will make his partner feel more peaceful knowing that they have someone they trust nearby to help with their safety. His partner’s awareness will allow him to understand what they need at every moment, contributing to the sense of safety.

Bringing a sense of safety doesn’t indicate that he attracts people that need rescuing or constant reassurance. Instead, it is just an added layer of feeling safe that his partner will find comforting.

10. He Makes Time for His Partner

A good man understands that spending time together is essential in any relationship. He also understands that time is precious and that you can never get missed experiences back. Since he knows these things, he makes sure to give time to his partner no matter how busy his life gets.

When life is busy, it is harder to find that time, making it an even bigger priority to make plans together. He will never make his partner feel neglected because all his time and energy goes to other things. The dedication and hard work he puts into keeping the relationship strong is a sure sign of a good person.

When he knows he won’t see his partner that day, he calls them on the phone. He wants to hear his partner’s voice and let them know they are on his mind even amidst a busy schedule. Making dates ahead of time will also be a priority to him and further shows how much the relationship means to him.

Final Thoughts on the Ways A Good Man Handles His Relationships Differently

A good man prioritizes his relationships and never makes those he cares about feel unworthy. He makes sure his partner knows how he feels, and he makes time to spend together.

When a man is there through the good and the bad, it is a sign that he is a good person. He will support his partner throughout the journey, being their safe space and cheerleader. His encouragement and unwavering belief in his partner will strengthen their relationship, too.

No matter what is going on in his life, he focuses on giving his all in his relationships. Look for these signs in a man if you are trying to get a good read on his qualities. If you recognize the above characteristics, he is likely a good person to spend time around.

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