Girl Passes Out And Wakes Up To Pictures On Her Phone That Prove Her Boyfriend’s Love

Girl Passes Out And Wakes Up To Pictures On Her Phone That Prove Her Boyfriend’s Love

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If you’ve been in a relationship with your boyfriend for a while, how do you know if it’s real love? One woman got her answer when she woke up to a few pictures on her phone that proved her boyfriends’ devotion to her.

Pilot Shanika Lynn Silverio fell asleep in the car after a night full of fun and a little bit of alcohol. Her boyfriend, Albrecht Sagario, brought her to bed and gave her skin a full treatment while she slept. Sagario put toner, moisturizer and eye cream on her face, and even put cuticle conditioner on her toenails.

Shanika said she’s lucky to have someone who cares for her like her boyfriend does, adding that she’s very thankful for him.

Silverio wanted to show off her boyfriend’s sweet gesture by sharing the photos on Twitter. As of this article, her tweet has nearly 120,000 likes and has been retweeted almost 45,000 times! Check out the shots below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Girl Passes Out And Wakes Up To Pictures On Her Phone That Prove Her Boyfriend’s Love

This is Shanika Silverio and her boyfriend Sagario


Image credits: ShanikaSilverio

Don’t they look adorable together?!

They’re both pilots in the Philippines, so they already make quite the couple


Image credits: ShanikaSilverio

When Silverio fell asleep in the car, her boyfriend wanted to give her a surprise makeover


He probably took pictures so he could have some evidence that he did indeed pamper his girlfriend!

He put her to bed and put toner on her first, then eye cream

Next comes the moisturizer! Nothing says love like giving a makeover while your girlfriend is passed out


People On Twitter

Image credits: ShanikaSilverio

Yes, we most certainly agree with you Shanika!

This is definitely what a boyfriend’s love looks like

Image credits: ShanikaSilverio

Now time for a pedicure!

Sweetest boyfriend ever. You’ve got to love that face he’s making, though.

Twitter Screenshot

Image credits: ShanikaSilverio

Here’s what people on Twitter had to say about the adorable gesture


Image credits: ashleyxrhee

Girlfriends skincare routine while asleep

Image credits: lusthful

Image credits: Hailee_bear19

Boyfriend’s Love

Image credits: breannedleon


Image credits: ydadelacruz

People On Twitter

Image credits: DaJewelleryBox

People On Twitter

Image credits: itssahra_

People On Twitter

Image credits: sarahjmartens


People On Twitter

Image credits: dduncombe

People On Twitter

Image credits: Mokoditoa_Kem

What a beautiful couple! People show love in all sorts of ways, and this boyfriend definitely got creative with how he showed his affection. Anyone would love to have a relationship like this one, and this man should win an award for being an awesome boyfriend for sure.

Relationships can take a toll on both people after a while, and sometimes, you forget to show your love just how much your appreciate and adore them. Maybe this will give some of you an idea on how to show your significant other that you still care for them deeply (though if they’re asleep, you may have to show them with pictures later!)

What do you think? Is this a sign of true love? Let us know in the comments!

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