This Burdock Root Recipe Can Flush YEARS of Trapped Toxins From Your Body

This Burdock Root Recipe Can Flush YEARS of Trapped Toxins From Your Body
Power of Positivity
Power of Positivity

You may have thrown out this weed-looking plant and its incredibly healthy root if you found it in your garden, but you wouldn’t have if you’d known that it could detox your blood, skin and lymphatic system. Consider yourself lucky if you have this wonderful plant already growing in your garden.

This beneficial plant and its root have the appearance of a common thistle. The flowers are a vivid purple color with a spiky round base. The plant itself has large, bright green leaves with a frilled edge. After the purple lowers have faded, the seeds will appear. The seed head looks like the puffball of a dandelion. This is how the plant reproduces, and the wind will carry the seeds all over to grow into new plants.

This plant grows to a height of about 2 feet at about 8-12 weeks of age and that is when it is ready to be harvested. When you grow it in your garden, the plant will die in the winter and come back to produce a second season. The plant can grow as tall as 6 feet in height and 3 feet wide if not harvested earlier.


This Incredible Root Can Detox Your Blood, Skin and Lymphatic System

Arctium lappa is a weed that grows in Europe and North America and it is commercially grown and sold as gobo, or greater burdock. A different variety, the common burdock or arctium minus, grows wild in every state in the U.S. except for Florida.

Medicinal uses for this helpful root

Herbal lore shows that healers have used applications of this medicinal root for centuries. The most common holistic health uses for burdock are:

* Psoriasis

* Eczema

* Baldness

* Scrapes and burns

* Gout

* Arthritis

* Kidney stones

* Urinary tract infections

* Blood diseases

* Labor pains

* Menstrual cramps

The mature roots of greater burdock are mother lodes of the antioxidants phenolic acid, quercetin and luteolin. Greater burdock roots also contain levulose, a type of naturally occurring sugar. The levulose in burdock is better for diabetics than glucose. Inulin is another component of burdock root that seems to have a beneficial effect for diabetics by helping to regulate blood sugar levels.

You can see from the list above that this incredible root seems to be very beneficial for several skin problems. says ‘The beneficial effects of this herb includes increasing circulation to the skin, helping to detoxify the epidermal tissues.’ says that ‘By stimulating the natural flow of lymphatic fluid, [burdock root] supports excretion of toxic by-products from cells.’

Being able to detox your blood, skin and lymphatic system is a wonderful reason to use burdock root as a homeopathic remedy. For more information on detoxing the lymphatic system read our related article 10 Ways to Clean Your Lymphatic System.

Your medical practitioner will know if taking burdock root will interact with any of your current medications or supplements. Please check with your doctor prior to using burdock root to make sure that you do not have any preexisting health conditions that would be a concern. Avoid long-term use of burdock root as it may cause a urinary tract infection and do not use it if you are pregnant.

How to prepare roots for medicinal use at home

If you have burdock root in your garden, use a pitchfork to loosen the soil around the base of the plant and pull it out of the soil from the base. Wash the fresh burdock roots to remove dirt and cut off any green part of the plant. The roots can be used fresh or sliced and dried for later use.

To dry the roots, slice them thinly and lay them on some toweling to dry in a thin layer either in the sun or indoors. Some people prefer to dry them by tossing them in a dry pan on low heat on the stove. Once they are dry, use hot water and a pinch of burdock root slices to brew the tea. Check with your doctor to see how long you should use burdock root detox therapy.

To eat burdock root as a vegetable, strip the bark from the roots, slice the pulp, and cook it by steaming or boiling it. Add salt for seasoning and serve it as a vegetable as you would parsnips or sweet potatoes.

Scientific evidence of this incredible root’s cancer fighting power

In a research study using burdock root on animals, scientists found that burdock root tea could significantly lower the cholesterol levels of rats by detoxing their blood. The animals also had fewer fatty liver deposits. Burdock contains arctigenin which scientists believe is responsible for preventing cells from mutating and stopping the growth of cancer cells. says that burdock root has ‘been widely used to treat cancer by … natural practitioners, mostly due to its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying actions. Burdock is included in the well-known herbal anti-cancer Essiac formula.’ According to the Center for Holistic Pediatric Education and Research, the Essiac herbal tea formula that contains burdock root is also under investigation for its potential as an anti-HIV product.


This Burdock Root Recipe Can Flush YEARS of Trapped Toxins From Your Body

Here’s what you’ll need:

16 ounces Japanese Radish/Daikon

12 ounces Japanese Radish/Daikon Leaves

10 ounces Carrot

8 ounces Burdock Root

3-5 dried Shiitake mushrooms (exposed to direct sunlight for several hours)


  • Cooking Directions:
  • Cook in a glass or stainless steel pot.
  • Use organic vegetables. Wash the skins but do not peel. Cut up into chunks and place into pot.
  • Cover the vegetables with 3x as much water. Bring to a boil then turn down and simmer for two hours.
  • Strain the clear amber liquid and place vegetables aside.This is enough for two cups per day for two days. Discard after two days and cook a new batch. Repeat for 30 days.

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