Best Friends Build Their Own Neighborhood to Be Together Forever

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With concerns about the environment growing and people’s budgets for housing shrinking, tiny houses have become a huge trend in the last few years. Four couples from Texas (who just happen to be best friends of over 20 years) decided they had enough of expensive mortgages and hectic city living, so built a neighborhood of tiny houses for themselves right outside of Austin, Texas!

As we all get older, maintaining close friendships with each other can get challenging, but these couples overcame the obstacles in their way and proved that friends don’t have to drift apart over the years. Rather than living hundreds of miles apart or even across the city from each other, these four couples decided to build their homes off-the-grid in the same neighborhood, so they would never grow apart.

Alexander Stross


The four couples put their money together and brought on architect Matt Garcia to help construct four identical 400-square-foot tiny houses. They purchased ten acres of land overall, which means they have plenty of room to wander around and explore nature if they ever feel too cramped in their tiny houses. They call the settlement the ‘Llano Exit Strategy,’ because they longed to find freedom from the fast-paced life in Austin, and the land overlooks the peaceful waters of the Llano River.


Alexander Stross

Each house comes equipped with one bathroom, a living room, and a bedroom, and costs around $40,000. They also feature a queen-sized bed, pull-out couch for two, shelves for storage, a sitting area, and a front porch.

Alexander Stross
Alexander Stross

The slanted roofs allow rainwater to flow into water barrels that can hold up to 5,000 gallons of rainwater, and reflective walls keep the daunting Texas heat away in the summertime. Special insulated windows further help to keep the temperature comfortable on the inside. Plywood interiors keep costs down and also give the tiny homes a rustic feel that blends right in with the environment.

Alexander Stross
Alexander Stross

For a tiny house, it seems to have a lot of places to store things!

Alexander Stross

Here’s another look at the slanted roofs that direct rainwater into the giant 5,000 gallon barrels for storage.

Alexander Stross

In addition, the houses have wonderful natural lighting and perfect views of the rugged terrain.

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Alexander Stross
Alexander Stross

Who would you build a tiny house neighborhood with? Share with us in the comments!

Also, if you’d like to learn more about this tiny house project or view more of the pictures, you can visit the website for the photographer, Alexander Stross.


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