Laura Araujo

Laura Araujo, the founder of The MAPS Institute, resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with her husband, Charlie, and Miles, her mini cockapoo. Laura is a classically trained vocal artist and coach, mindfulness and ashtanga instructor, sound therapist, and a huge fan of both eating and creating delicious and ayurvedically-friendly concoctions. After finishing a few degrees in vocal performance and french literature, opening a yoga studio and spending time teaching, Laura decided to marry her passions and cultivate something that would create a powerful shift in the midst of the current tumultuous technological tide, to empower humanness, ditch dogma, and be an authentic, and emboldening educational and scientific resource. Laura, and the MAPS Institute creative team has built a series of small and large form programs to optimize habit formation, increase focus, breathe better, eat better, move more, and experience a better relationship with your mind. She believes that it is our awareness, empathy and curiosity that we must activate to move forward through the new iteration of our world, and that humanness is our super power. The skills she teaches to clients, readers and teams have long been dismissed or seen as soft, however they are now more essential than ever, and permit us to embody the true dynamism and power of humanness.

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