An arrogant person is someone who thinks that they’re better than everyone else. It’s important to them to have a certain status in life, and they will use whomever they can obtain that hierarchy. It may be hard to spot this person right away in the dating world as they camouflage themselves to be perfect for you.

Don’t be fooled by their game, as they see you as nothing more than another way to further their success in life. Arrogant people have a hard time with relationships and don’t have many sincere connections. They’re charming, crafty, and will come across as the one you’ve been dreaming of your entire life.

Signs of An Arrogant Person

If you fall for those classic manipulations, then you’ve become victim to the oldest game in the book. Sadly, people only think of men as arrogant or manipulative, but women can be just as devious and controlling as men.

How do you protect yourself when searching for the right fish in the sea that you don’t snag a shark? Well, here are some red flags that say you’re entangled with an arrogant person.

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1. Comes on Too Strong Too Fast

One big red flag that you might be dealing with someone manipulative is that they initially come on too strong. You may have had one date, and they are already talking about moving in together and starting a family. If it’s a friend, they may talk about being your BFF and wanting to spend every waking moment together.

There’s a little bit of desperation in the way they seem to latch onto you. They will make you feel that you’re something special and you are worthy of their time. Just remember that this is how it is initially, and it won’t stay this way.

2. You Catch Them in Lies

The thing about the arrogant person is they tell a lot of stories. Some of the tales they tell might seem a bit too good to be true. If you find that somethings don’t add up, or you are frequently fact-checking what they tell you, then it’s an indication that they’re probably not the best person for you.

3. They Exaggerate Their Accomplishments

Speaking of lies, this person likes to exaggerate their accomplishments. They may say they’re the director of Information Technology and sit on the local medical center board. They want to feel more critical and look better in everyone’s eyes, so they do what they can to puff themselves up.

Sure, they might hold a job at the hospital, and it might be in the IT department, but chances are they are not even close to being the director. The truth is that this person suffers from low self-esteem. They need others to think they’re something significant to help counteract the horrible opinion of themselves inside.

4. You Have A Feeling That Something Isn’t Right

Always trust your gut instincts. If you feel that something is off, then the chances are that what you’re feeling is correct. You never want to dismiss these feelings without doing further investigation.

5. Shows No Empathy Towards Others

What’s quite alarming about the narcissistic or arrogant person is the lack of emotions that they display. If you’re sobbing because you lost a friend or family member, they won’t try to comfort you. Even if their mother died, they might not shed a tear.

They don’t have the same emotional makeup because things that have happened to them in life has made them bitter and cold.

6. Monopolizes Every Conversation

Watch the way this person acts the next time they’re in a crowd. A manipulator naturally tries to control the conversation. If they feel they aren’t getting the attention they need, they will do things like name drop, raise their volume, or make the story so entertaining everyone wants to listen.

Remember, they’re the master at controlling people and their conversations so that you won’t get a word in edgewise.

7. Commonly Uses Gaslighting Techniques

Gaslighting is a horrible psychological trick that many people use to manipulate. The theme came from an old movie where a guy was trying to get rid of his wife by making her think she was crazy. In today’s world, people will do the same things but are much more clever.

Say, for instance, that you’ve been dating this Romeo for a while, and he is cheating on you. Sadly, for him, you’re aware of what’s happened. Instead of taking the blame for what he’s done, he will try to turn things around and make it look like it’s your fault.

By the time things are done, he will have things turned around that he had no choice but to cheat because you weren’t giving him the time or attention he needed. It’s time to move on!

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8. They’re Hypocritical

Ever heard the old saying that your actions speak much louder than your words? When you’re dealing with an arrogant person, nothing is more accurate. They want to seem like an upstanding and scrupulous individual, but you will find that they are all talk.

9. They Don’t Talk About Family or Friends

You will hardly ever hear the manipulative person talk about their family or friends, and you may think they don’t have any. It’s because they’ve alienated so many people along the way that their friend list is noticeably short.

10. Demands Your Time but Doesn’t Give in Return

They have lots of demands for you and your time but don’t call them and expect them to come running when you need them. They are only capable of one-sided relationships, which means that you must do all the work.

11. Tries to Separate You from Friends and Family

For an arrogant person to truly control you, they need to alienate you from your family and friends. Anyone that can get into your head and tell you how off your relationship is becoming a threat. Don’t be surprised if they get mad if your friends or relatives call or want to spend time with you.

They will do everything they can to monopolize every minute of your day. However, once they are done with you, or you’ve helped them achieve the status they want, they will drop you like a hot potato.

12. Is Often Loud or Obnoxious in Their Actions

One thing you will notice about the manipulator is that they are often loud or obnoxious. They don’t want to blend into the crowd. Instead, they want to see and impress others with their position and abilities.

13. You Walk on Egg Shells Around Them

As the relationship progresses, you may find that you walk on eggshells around them. By now, you’ve seen their explosive personality, and you know how vindictive and verbally violent they can be. You don’t want to stir them up or make them mad, so you will tiptoe around them to keep things from erupting.

14. They Put You Down and Degrade You

They make it seem like you do nothing right. You are constantly being belittled or degraded for what you do. The verbal abuse starts to take a toll on you as the narcissist is trying everything, they can tear you down.

They wouldn’t want you to think that your superior to them, now would they?

15. Compares You to Others in Their Life

You may get tired of being compared to people who seemingly have it all together. If you try to make them fried chicken and mashed potatoes, they may claim it’s nothing like what they’re used to having. You don’t peel the potatoes right, and the chicken doesn’t have the crispy outer shell that they love.

Stop trying to please this person, as it’s evident that nothing you will ever do will be good enough for their high expectations. Run the other way!

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Final Thoughts on The Arrogant Person

The world is full of good and kind people you would love to spend the day or even your life with. However, there are also vindictive and evil people who are arrogant and manipulative. Why is it that these are the ones that you always seem to find when you want a friend or a lover?’

What many people don’t understand is how broken this individual is inside. While they come across as put together and the person who everyone wants to befriend, they are nothing of the sort. They perhaps suffered some emotional, physical, or sexual abuse in their life that altered their view of themselves. They need people like you to help them feel better.

When they are controlling and putting you down, it makes them feel better by feeding their ego. The sad thing is that they can destroy your esteem, and you will have difficulties in how you view yourself because of the damage they’ve caused. Thankfully, by using the red flags above, you can protect yourself from getting involved with the arrogant person.

Why wouldn’t you want to save yourself the heartache and pain? There are too many good people out there who will love you and be your friend or lover without all the strings attached. The manipulator isn’t a true friend anyway.