In many cases, women harbor more secrets than men about a variety of things. But when it comes to a man loving a woman, they typically make their intentions clear.

Why the difference?

It’s just in the makeup of a woman to keep secrets or to expect their partner to know what they want without them having to say it outright. Women have long been regarded as being more complex than men, and science backs this up because men and women’s brains are actually wired differently.

Women tend to speak through their emotions and remember faces and words more clearly. They have a high level of intuition, and usually feel more compassion and understanding toward others than men do. Since women operate through their feelings more than their minds, this can often confuse and frustrate men (and even other women) since women’s emotions fluctuate so frequently.

However, just because women are complicated creatures, does not mean they aren’t capable of being understood. While women may not voice the following things to you, she still wishes you could read her mind somehow.

We’ve made the deciphering a bit easier for you, and found some common things that most women want their partner to know.

Here are 7 secrets all men should know about loving a woman:

1. Speak up for yourself.

In the realm of relationship advice, this is an often-overlooked point when it comes to dating women. However, women generally enjoy dating someone who doesn’t just shake their head ‘yes’ to everything they say. Although they don’t want someone extremely contrary and argumentative, most women enjoy relationships with people who know how to stand up for themselves. Who can back up their opinions and not cave under pressure. You can still have a wonderful relationship with a man or woman without agreeing with every single thing they say or do.

2. Make time for your friends despite loving a woman.

While most women don’t want you to spend all your free time with friends, they do appreciate it when you go out a couple of times a week. That’s so they have the house to themselves, and can spend some time relaxing and doing ‘girl things’. Women want you to know that they encourage you to spend some time with your buddies, as long as you’re making enough time for them, too.

3. It’s okay to have a wild side but make sure you are there for her when she needs it.

Advice for men: most women really do want someone who embodies the whole package. An unapologetic bad boy who loves to show off and lives life on the edge, and also a stable, sweet person who goes out of his way for his lady. You can still have your motorcycles and fast cars and have that macho thing going on that every woman craves, while also getting in touch with your more sensitive side. When dating a woman, it all comes down to striking a perfect balance, and this includes your demeanor, as well.

4. Don’t just hear her words, actually listen to them.

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints women have is that their partners just don’t listen to what they have to say. They hear a few words out of the conversation, but don’t actually reflect on their meaning. Make sure in relationships, you listen to every word she says and don’t let the words get lost in translation. Respect her enough to care about what she says, and value her opinion. Relationships cannot survive without open lines of communication, and being able to listen to each other without interjecting.

5. Dig a little deeper.

Sometimes, women don’t tell the full story of how they feel or what’s on their minds. When dating a woman, it’s your job to uncover these secrets by asking more questions and really showing her you’re interested in knowing how she feels. She isn’t trying to play games with you, but rather, protect herself from feeling too vulnerable, or feeling like a burden to you. Let her know that you will always be there for her and that anything she says is safe with you. In a sea of emotions, women require stability and safety. If you can be her rock, she will never leave your side.

6. Do nice things for her that shows you care (even opening the door goes a long way).

After a while in a relationship, both people involved tend to slack on the sweet gestures and words of affection. However, even if this sounds like your relationship, you can always do something small, such as leaving a nice note for her to read before she leaves for work, or just taking her out to eat. You don’t have to do anything fancy; just let her know that you love and appreciate her, and still care deeply about her.

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7. More than anything, remind her why she’s so special to you.

Loving a woman doesn’t have to be as complicated as some people make it seem; all women truly want is to feel wanted. They want to feel loved, important and taken care of. They want to feel like someone’s entire world, not just a part of it. Don’t hesitate to tell her all the reasons why you fell in love with her in the first place; remember, women speak in the language of emotions, so don’t be afraid to show your more sensitive side to her.