5 Ways to Reverse Bad Karma

5 Ways to Reverse Bad Karma


Are you trying to reverse bad karma? Do you think you have a karmic debt to pay back?

So maybe in the past, you did or said some things that you regretted afterward, and now you feel that those things have come back to haunt you today. Maybe you have noticed that the same negative events perpetually happening, and you want to find a way to cancel out that energy and draw in better vibes.

While we can’t change what we’ve already brought about, we can certainly commit to more positive intentions that create a better future. How do you go about doing this exactly? Use the tips below for inspiration on how you can reverse bad karma, encourage more positivity in your life, and create a better future.

Here are 5 Ways to Reverse Bad Karma (and repay your outstanding karmic debts):

Try these small acts of kindness. It will build immense karmic rewards.

1. Write a letter or call those who you have wronged in the past.

Maybe you just can’t shake the awful things you said to someone when you got into a heated argument with them, and now you feel that heavy energy permeating your mind and body as well. Giving apologies to people who you hurt in years prior can really lift that adverse energy you feel and turn things around. As you know, what goes around comes around, so make sure you give apologies when necessary to set things straight between you and whoever you upset.

Not only will you make the other person feel better, but you will consciously tell the universe to wipe your slate clean and balance out any karmic debt.

2. Karma requires you to give love to everyone, even your enemies.

While loving people who dislike you isn’t the easiest thing to do, it will give you a clear conscience at the end of the day. If someone has a problem with you, that’s their own karma projecting itself onto you. Allow your karma to nourish them with what they obviously aren’t giving to themselves: love.

If you make it a point to love everyone, no matter if they love you back, you will have much better relationships with people. Plus, maybe those enemies might just become friends eventually. Hurting, negative people actually need love more than anyone else, so offer it up wholeheartedly.

And, not to mention–you’ll begin repaying that karmic debt you owe.

3. Apply patience in your life.

Many of us lack patience due to our culture of instant gratification. We want everything now, and don’t realize that better things await when we practice patience. While you shouldn’t expect everything to be handed on a silver platter without working for them, the universe will always meet you halfway if you have good intentions.

If you truly desire to start over fresh and want to create positive karma in your life, you should expect to be awarded that as long as you put in some effort. Just live your life in the most loving, compassionate way you can, and the universe will have no choice but to start matching you up with more positive places, people, and events.

4. Learn from both negative and positive experiences.

Lessons exist in both the lowest of valleys and the highest of mountains, we just have to keep our eyes and ears open for them. You don’t have to feel ashamed or unworthy of positive experiences in your life just because you had a bad past; just learn from it and move onward knowing that you can always write a new chapter in your story.

Give gratitude for what you have learned because, without every last one of your experiences, you would not know what you do today. Your experiences shape you, but they don’t have to define you. Just start to live your life more purposefully, and better karma will undoubtedly start to show up when you least expect it to.

5. Think positive thoughts always!

By now, you know that we are huge advocates for positive thinking because our thoughts become the foundation for what we build in our lives. You can either build a strong, towering castle, or a decrepit, unstable shed – both begin with the same tools for construction.

Use your thoughts to steer you in the direction you really want to go in, because if you let your brain take control of your life, you will soon find you no longer sit behind the wheel. Take charge of your thoughts and nourish your mind with words and visions that you feel will create a positive life; it’s never too late to rebuild your life and repay karmic debt thought the power of positive thinking!

karmic debt - release bad karmaFinal Thoughts on Reversing Bad Karma and Eliminating Your Karmic Debt

Have you “reversed” bad karma in your life?  Do you still owe a Karmic debt to the universe?  Share in the discussion below…

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