According to a 1998 National Representative Sample by the Myers-Briggs organization, 50% of the population identifies as an introvert. So, this means that at least half of you reading can identify with the following frustrations that just come with being an introvert in an extroverted world.

15 Frustrating Things Every Introvert Can Relate To

1. People talking to you when you don’t really feel like it.

Us introverts wonder when people will finally get it – if we have headphones in, or our head in a book, or look content being by ourselves, then we probably don’t want to talk. Better yet, if we want to talk, we’ll approach you first. (This probably won’t happen, but sometimes, us introverts can surprise you).

2. Needing to know who will be at an event so you can decide whether to go or not.

We decide whether to go somewhere not based on the activity, but based on who will be attending. We prefer a quiet activity, of course, but as long as we love the people around us, we can handle doing something out of our comfort zone for one night.

3. Feeling uncomfortable in overly crowded places.

Noisy, crowded places stress us out. Rather than take us to them and expect us to just chill and deal with it, bring us somewhere relaxing, preferably in nature, or at a bookstore or coffee shop. Too many people + too much noise = immediate annoyance, frustration, and us scrambling for the exit.

4. Getting asked the question: “why are you so quiet??”

This tops the list of frustrations for almost any introvert out there. We don’t bother you for being too loud, so don’t ask us why we’re so quiet. People have different personalities and dispositions, so we just ask that you respect us, and we will respect you. We actually enjoy talking, but not about petty things like gossip or shopping. We enjoy deep conversations, so if you really want to hear us talk, ask us about something that will make us think.

5. Wanting good conversation and meaningful relationships, but struggling to find it.

We just want deep connections and meaningful relationships like everyone else, but what can we say – we have high expectations and we won’t apologize. Introverts need people who won’t question them or try to change them; they want someone who will pick their brain and dive deep down into their soul. They have no energy for shallow relationships, but struggle to find real connections. They cherish their close friends and family who truly know and love them.

6. Being put on the spot and people expecting a response immediately.

Introverts don’t hate talking in front of others necessarily (unless they’re also shy), but they need a little time to prepare. If you can, avoid putting them on the spot without at least a little warning.

7. Just wanting peace and quiet in a far too noisy world.

Introverts gain their energy from alone time, where they can relish in peace and quiet at last. The world drains them greatly, as the noise, chaos, and fast pace don’t match up with their personality. Don’t get surprised when they go off into the woods for a while – nature revitalizes their spirit.

8. People mistaking you for a shy, antisocial, unfriendly person.

Not all introverts are shy, and not all shy people are introverts. It’s about time we put those stereotypes and misconstrued ideas to rest – most introverts DO enjoy talking to others, but at the right place, time, and about the right subjects.

9. Not getting enough alone time.

Introverts also get annoyed when they don’t have enough time alone. They need ample time to recharge from spending time with others, or from working in a stressful environment.

10. People constantly misunderstanding your need for solitude.

We need LOTS of time to ourselves, and we don’t feel the need to apologize. Spending time alone doesn’t make us antisocial or cold – it helps us to put our best selves out there and rejuvenate our spirit. We don’t tell you how to spend your time, so don’t try to show us how to live, either.

11. Getting calls from unknown numbers.

We hardly like talking on the phone anyway, but getting a call from a stranger definitely means we will hit the “decline” button, or just let it go to voicemail to avoid frustration.

12. Having to call someone rather than email or text them.

In today’s world, why call anyone when you can just shoot them a quick email or text? Also, websites that don’t have an online ordering option really frustrate us, since we’ll have to talk to an actual human being to get our food.

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13. Getting to class on the first day and having to introduce yourself.

Remember those icebreakers and introductions in school? Yeah, we have some awkward memories from those times, too.

14. People interrupting your “me time.”

So, you know that we need alone time, and plenty of it. Just leave us alone while we recharge, and only interrupt if it’s an emergency, or you’re bringing us food, of course.

15. Having too many plans on the weekend.

Weekends for some people mean parties and socializing. For us, it means Netflix, food, bed, cuddling, and nature.