10 Simple Ways To Show Yourself Love

10 Simple Ways To Show Yourself Love

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If you want to give love to others, you must first show yourself love. The foundation of your reality begins from within – and when you consistently send yourself divine inner love, you simply cannot go without.

As simple of a concept as that may sound, many still ask “what’s the next step?” The next step simply involves “The 4 R’s” – read, relate, release, and re-love! Here are 10 simple ways to do it, starting now!

Why We Don’t Show Ourselves Love

Too often, we forget to take care of–and show love to–ourselves. And, here is the worst part. We make up excuses–one after another–to side step the issue.

So, why do we ignore our own needs?

Excuses we use to rationalize for skipping out on self-adoration

We are too busy.

Kids. Career. Aging parents. Pets. We put all others before ourselves. And, the sad truth is that deems us ineffective. Without caring for our own needs, how can we look after our loved ones? Perhaps you have never looked at it in that way…

Feeling undeserving.

At times, we are our own worst critics. Although we know we set impossible goals, we are hard on ourselves when we fail to reach them. For example, we might set sights on losing five pounds by Friday. When that day rolls around, we beat ourselves up. And that leads to a feeling of being undeserving.

No extra money.

Ok. So maybe you are tight on funds. But, that’s really not a valid excuse either! The best treat you can give yourself might even be free! Think of taking 30 minutes to relax, a hot bubble bath in your favorite essential oils, write an affirmations list, or enjoy a long walk with the dog.

You deserve it!


10 simple ways to show yourself love.



So go ahead and show yourself love – release yourself from that tower you may have locked yourself up in. Let that fairy-tale love story that you deserve come true – only this time, the fairy-tale begins within you.


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