10 Illustrations That Perfectly Describe The Life of An Introvert

10 Illustrations That Perfectly Describe The Life of An Introvert


To all the misunderstood introverts in the world, we feel your pain. You need and enjoy quiet time, but others just think you’re rude or antisocial. You actually like people, but can’t be around them in large doses. You aren’t uninterested, you’re just deep in thought. We get it, and thought these wonderful illustrations by artist Maureen Wilson would give you a good laugh. As one herself, she created the series Introvert Doodles to transform her everyday life into relatable comics for her friends.

They just want to feel accepted and loved as they are, and not feel they have to change to conform to an extroverted society. Of course, many of them make friends easily and don’t care what others think, but for some, finding like-minded friends who appreciate them and don’t make comments like “Why are you so quiet all the time?” can be difficult.

We hope you enjoy these illustrations, and if you do, please share them with other introverts you may know!

10 Illustrations That Perfectly Describe Life For An Introvert

1. Fashion Guide


2. On Vacation


3. How To Get Close


4. At Parties


5. With Visitors


6. In Conversation


7. Their Mentality


8. Intro vs Extro


9. How To Torture One


10. Things They Want You To Know

All images via Introvert Doodles. See more on their website


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