5 Ways to Add More Positive Energy to Your Workplace

5 Ways to Add More Positive Energy to Your Workplace

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
– Confucius

Many people grow up hearing that positivity is key. Unfortunately, as we grow up, it can be harder and harder to be positive. Life has many snags and issues that we all must learn to deal with. Work can be an especially stressful place, with deadlines and clients and co-workers.

5 tips to a Add Positive Energy to Your Workplace:

Stay Organized

Much work stress comes from deadlines that were missed and disorganization. Keep a color coded calendar of all work events, deadlines, meetings, and client updates. Being able to consult the calendar of all daily events will make work less stressful.

Practice Effective Communication


Most people have negative communication with one another because the communication is not effective. Send emails updating colleagues on the things that each person must be aware of and while speaking in person, genuinely listen to one another rather than being abrupt. Better communication produces positive communication and positive feelings.


Many people do not make a habit of smiling and looking cheerful at work, but looking approachable will get you much different results than looking standoffish. Practicing smiling and having a more upbeat attitude makes it likely that other workers will approach you with the same attitude. Clients also prefer working with someone who is professional, yet friendly.

Make Small Goals

Most of the time people don’t feel accomplished at work, which leads to feelings of negativity. Setting small goals that lead to larger accomplishments will help keep you focused will help keep your attitude positive and upbeat.

Leave Work at the office

If you have a stressful job or a job that can be brought home, it can become easy for your life to be overwhelmed with work. If you vow to leave work at home and spend your personal time with family, friends, and your own hobbies, work will appear much less like an albatross and must more like a part of life.

Add to the Conversation: What is your experience at work?
Do you love what you do? Could one of these tips help you or someone you know?

Power of Positivity

Power of Positivity

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  1. thats it wonderful blog , i am very glad from this blog , this blog given to me how spent to our life…….thank you

  2. Great post! I’ve been trying all the above advice and, little by little, it seems to work! I’m real happy!

  3. There is a whiteboard at work in which I write a positive or funny quote each Monday, to start the work week on an upbeat note.

  4. I put my vision board up at work which has work related goals at the top. The top goal is "positive energy parties" and I let my team know this was what I wanted for our team/office. Now we are all reminding each other to keep positive, focused and constantly motivating each other. I love the tip about the positive quote once a week, I'm going to give that a whirl :)

  5. Always make a point to tell your team "Good Morning" as cheerfully as possible even if you're having a bad day. It's ok to be honest about your day, but don't seem bitter about it. That sets the tone for the day with your staff. If you seem grouchy or not enthused, they sense it.

  6. This positive energy i was doing everyday, Today i was go to market at 3:30 am. All i need in may kitchen to be cook and for tomorrow. I always organized , Instruct my helper what they do to preparing before i cook I start 5 am. 7 menus at the same time, I cook it 3 to 4 hours . 21 menus everyday. I was full energies if i sing and dance to the rhythm of a beautiful music. I feel so strong. It done gracefully with love. When i finish i watching our customer, and what will be the comment to may menus. Amazingly i win theirs smile that gives me feel WOW , YES i make the best to serve them with love. I love may WORK AS MY PASSION Thank You

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